update on exam path for MCSDs interested in VS2005 Credentials

On the developer upgrade landing page, we talked about a four-exam upgrade path for MCSDs to earn all three MCPD certifications and there have been a number of discussions about this following our VS2005 live meeting. The fact is, the systems are set up so that if an MCSD holds both MCPD: Web and MCPD: Windows (which can be earned with 70-551 and 70-552), then he or she can take exam 70-554 and be awarded the MCPD: Enterprise Applications. These don’t have to be taken in any particular order. Reminder: only MCSDs can get upgrade credit for 554 or 553.


We’re in the process of updating the table on the developer upgrade page (http://www.microsoft.com/learning/mcp/upgrade/default.mspx) to make this clear… right now it is only presenting the two four-exam paths as options, which is incorrect! Thanks for your patience.

Comments (5)

  1. Scott says:

    Any insight on certifications for .NET 3.0?

  2. Nino Rilovic says:

    I becoeme MCP in 1998, MCSD in 2002, MCSD for .NET in late 2004, more than 5 years I have no job, even not went to single job interview. How many people in the word does not work (but hold title MCSD)? What is the point to learn Microsoft tehnology. Is a Microsoft a cult, extended hand of CIA, or is just me, because I am decent and I love my country.

  3. Alexander says:

    What about upgrade path for MCSD on VS6.0.

    I’ve earned my MCSD in 1998.

    What is my upgrade option?

  4. Nino, have you tried volunteering?  Find a good organization where you can contribute your skills for free, you’ll get the necessary experience and become much more marketable.  FWIW — Gerry

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