Shameless marketing pitch: dev e-learning and practice test offers expire December 30

If you want to take any of the dev upgrade exams (551, 552, 553, 554) you might like to know that there are offers on e-learning, practice tests, and exams through the end of this month, more info here: Here is my pitch:

  • 15% savings on some releated e-learning courses. FYI that our e-learning is not available ww (you can buy in 25 currencies right now) and is English-only (are you reading this? great! you're in.). 

  • MeasureUp has a 30% discount on the 551, 552, 553, and 554 practice tests. Did you know that MCPs get a discount on practice tests all the time?

  • The exam offer (25% off 551, 552, 553, 554) is good through March 31, so there's still time for me to shamelessly market that closer to the cut off date. 

In other news, next week I'm going skiing in Idaho, where I will shamelessly demonstrate my mediocre downhill-skiing skills.

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