The Doctor Is In: answers to certification ‘exam insurance’ questions

Customer #1 posted: How do we get pricing?

Exceptionally helpful customer #2* then posted: The USD Exam Insurance voucher price is $187.50, and you can purchase as many as you like for each different exam.


This is only PARTIALLY true, so here’s my response to #1 and #2:


Dear #1 and #2,


In fact, the price can vary (even within the same country) depending on which Certified Partner for Learning Solutions (CPLS) you buy from; each partner sets their own price for exam insurance. We can tell you that the suggested retail price is around 120 to 130 GBP, but final pricing is determined by the sellers (CPLS).


Kind regards,


Customer #3 posted: Can you get it for each exam or just one?


Dear #3,


You can buy exam insurance then apply it to ANY Microsoft technical Exam; you do not buy exam insurance for one particular exam.


Kind regards,


Customer #4 posted: I've just been through the exam booking process on the prometric website up to the point of confirming the exam and had no option of exam insurance.


Dear #4,


Exam insurance can only be purchased through a CPLS; not through other (non-CPLS) testing centers such as VUE or Prometric. So, before you book your exam you should buy your “insurance” from a CPLS---here is where you find them: .


Kind regards,


Customer #5 wanted to know about online ordering.


Dear #5,


Ordering is managed by each of the CPLS sellers using their normal purchasing system, whether that is online, by phone, or fax. Since we add new partners to our list of sellers (including a few hundred in the U.S.) there might be new sellers with online ordering capacity added to the list.


Kind regards,



*Thanks, Andy!!!!


Comments (9)

  1. Andy says:

    No problem.

  2. Andy says:

    Only $165USD for a VUE Exam Insurance voucher;

  3. Jonathan Roberts says:


    Can you confirm that the above URL is legitimate?  I for one cannot find anyone in my state who understands the program and would be happy to buy from an out of state vendor if they are known to be reputable.   Thank you!

  4. says:

    Hey, hold off on buying exam insurance from this site for the moment. At first glance it’s not showing up as a CPLS-seller on our list so we want to verify that they are selling the real deal. Thanks for flagging this! Any of the sellers on here are legitimate:; if you can find one who will fulfill out of state from this list, that would be my recommendation.

  5. Andy says:

    I have purchased various vouchers from them for as long as they’ve been offering them; 5+ years.

  6. RE:

    Out of desperation, I purchased an exam insurance voucher from this web site.  I am happy to report that I was able to register for my exam using the voucher with no problem.  VUE’s web site recognized it as a pre-paid exam insurance voucher.  While I could never validate they were legit, I did get two emails from people who had used them in the past.  HTH, Jonathan

  7. Eric Ewing says:

    I am having a dickens of a time trying to purchase exam insurance. None of the partners in my area will sell it to me…and I’ve called ALL of them listed on the page for North America/Ohio. One company (Babbage-Simmel) told me that they don’t even sell it, and another (New Horizons) told me that vouchers can only be sold to businesses. I’ve tried contacting multiple people at Microsoft to try and find out how to proceed, and no one has helped me so far. Could you please point me in the right direction? I REALLY want to take advantage of this offer! Thanks.

  8. says:

    Did you have any luck? I thought I had an e-mail from you but now can’t find it. Can you send me an e-mail (or resend if you already did) and I’ll put you in touch with the right person. Thank you.

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