December 6 Vista Certification Live Meeting (and info re: MCDST to Vista)

Reminder that tomorrow (Wednesday, December 6) we're hosting Live Meetings to show you the Vista certification paths and upgrade options... and Q&A with the certification product manager and the Office training portfolio manager (who knows what, when, and localization plan for our Office courseware, e-learning, books, and exams). 

If you haven't finished your MCDST - check out a discount on related e-learning to help you finish... might be a good move as there is just one upgrade exam from MCDST to MCTS: Vista AND MCITP: Enterprise Support (70-621). 

Here's the landing page about the Live Meeting, we'll update this with the upgrade exam offer when it's live:

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  1. Marcelo Cornieles says:

    How much will be the cost for the E-learning courses?

  2. Vincent Leung says:

    Will all MCP receive email notification regarding the Exchange 2007 Certification Live Meeting in January 2007 ?

  3. Vincent Leung says:

    Also will we get like 10-15% off for taking MS exam with a Promo code at the back of the book when we purchase Official MS Press Self-Paced Training Kit for 70-620, 70-622 ?

    Hope you guys consider this proposal or idea !

  4. Vincent Leung says:

    When I review the PDF file regarding today (Dec 6) morning session of Windows Vista Certifications Live Meeting, I found out that there is some discrepancies regarding Live exam dates of 70-621 and 70-622. (Slide 14 Vs. Silde 22)

    May I know which slide should I trust ?

  5. Steven says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for the informative info on the exams.  It certainly filled in the gaps I had concerning the exams and the upgrade paths.  Thanks.

  6. Andy says:

    The codes for beta exam registration are BTAxxx where xxx is the exam number.

  7. says:

    Vincent, about exam coupons with MS Press: yes every Training kit ships with a 15% Exam Discount Voucher (which expires about 5 years from the publishing date). The voucher is good on any cert exam, and we plan to keep offering these for all TKs, including the new Vista titles.

  8. says:

    I’ll post the Exchange Live meeting registration links on this blog… but the best place to watch for those announcements is the MCP newsletter:

  9. says:

    The e-learning for the exams we talked about in today’s meetings (620, 621, 622, 623) will cost between $160US and $225US (approximately). Most will be on the lower end of that range.

  10. says:

    Hey, there. You’re right, our slides had different dates for 622 release (February 2 and February 5). 621 is scheduled to go live on February 13. The marketing team (me) has to keep up with the certification planners, the exam development teams, and the product group timelines and feeds so sometimes we have data that doesn’t quite add up! Sorry for the confusion. but I think it is safe to say the first week of February for 622 and the second week for 621.

  11. Gary Miller says:

    Where can I find study material for exam 70-621?


  12. gomcse2002 says:

    Hi Gary

    70-621 was a beta exam for 70-620 and 70-620 is now live and you can check out the following link to study / revise for this exam :

  13. jkoziol10 says:

    Actually, Gary 621 and 620 are separate exams

    The info for 621 is listed here:

    Pro: Upgrading your MCDST Certification to MCITP Enterprise Support

    I didn’t take the beta for 621 since I didn’t have the MCDST to upgrade from, but I believe Trika’s Vista Webcast had info concerning what learning options are available.

    I’ve been using MS E-Learning and the online demos to get through the tests so far, I’d imagine Microsoft Press books will be available later in the year, along with practice tests, etc.

    Good Luck


  14. says:

    Right on. 621 isn’t available yet… we are recommending the training kit for 620 since there won’t be one for 621 (though there will be e-learning). A little more info (and the Live Meeting Jim references) can be found here:

  15. Gary Miller says:

    Sorry to bother you again.  I am trying to study for ms70-621.  There are no e-learning courses yet, but there are for ms670-620 that say they are good for 7-621 also.  Would you be able to tell me which collection, 5103, 5347, 5354 or 5360, would be the most beneficial for the 70-621.  I can’t afford all off them.


  16. says:

    Here’s what our boy Greg (really good guy on our e-learning team) said when I sent him your question:

    "Good question. It is 5103 and then 5106 for the 70-621 upgrade exam."

    He also sent me a Visio but I don’t think I can poast that. I bet there is a way to embed graphics in my poasts, but I haven’t figured it out yet. Good luck, G.

  17. Toby says:

    In the web presentation for MCDST to Vista, the e-learning course for exam 70-621 was ONLY 5106 but in the previous post you are now saying that 5103 is also required – is that right ?

    Is 5103 a nice-to-have or definitely-required for exam 70-621 ?

    Will there be any discounts for upgrading MCDSTs taking either 5106, 5103 or both courses ?

  18. Oscar says:

    I’ve red in Internet that you can choose 70-620 as Elective Exam for MCSE/MCSA Windows Server 2003.

    But can you take any Vista Exam as Core Exams: Client Operating System?

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