TechNet Plus Direct with certifcation exam ‘insurance’ – through January 31

Additional info on the exam insurance promotion we announced at TechEd. See earlier post. The marketing team here at Microsoft Learning and the TechNet team put together a deal whereby people who buy exam insurance and take their first exam by January 31, 2007 will also get a one year subscription to TechNet Plus Direct. Which apparently is a $349 value. Who knew?? If you spread the word, PLEASE let people know that the 'official' announcement, with registration details (yes, you'll have to register for the offer) will go live on our sites on December 14 or thereabouts... so don't be surprised if you can't find anything on the site yet. Here's the blurb on it:

Register for Exam Insurance with TechNet Plus Direct: Exam Insurance always gives you two ways to win: a second chance to pass a Microsoft Certification exam, or if you don’t need a second chance, a 25% discount on your next exam. Now there’s a third way to win: When you purchase Exam Insurance and take your initial exam by January 31, 2007, we’ll include a one-year subscription to Microsoft TechNet Plus Direct. ($349 value.) TechNet Plus Direct is the must have online resource for the latest Microsoft updates, tools and guidance. Hurry, you must register and take your first exam by January 31.

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  1. Jonathan Roberts says:


    How do we get pricing?  None of the centers respond when asked about this.  Has the pricing not been finalized?  Thank you!

    Jonathan Roberts

    New Orleans, LA, USA

  2. Kjetil says:

    Do the Exam "insurance" cost anything? Just have to register to get it? Can you get it for each exam or just one?

  3. Andy says:

    The USD Exam Insurance voucher price is $187.50, and you can purchase as many as you like for each different exam.

  4. Jonathan Roberts says:

    Thanks, Andy.  Do you or Trika know if the voucher can be purchased now for the TechNet promo?  I would like to buy now, test by the deadline and get my sub ASAP.  🙂

  5. Andy says:

    Yes. I picked up mine earlier this week only for the free TechNet offer. It was mentioned today in the chat that by the 14th the web site should be updated with the offer and include details on how to apply.

  6. Jonathan Roberts says:

    Thank you!  I will contact my local vendor today then.

  7. Andy says:


    Is the Technet Plus Direct with Exam Insurance offer available worldwide?

  8. Andy says:

    Yes. Navigate to to find a participating Microsoft CPLS in your area.

  9. Andy says:

    The web site has been updated with the required registration to qualify for the free TechNet Plus subscription.

  10. Ice says:


    I’ve registered for this offer and then taken my first insuranced exam before the Xmas. When will I receive the TechNet Plus Direct subscription?

  11. says:

    Hi. According to the site, you should get an e-mail explaining how to activate your subscription within six weeks of taking the first exam… so my recommendation is to give it a few weeks (also, check your junk mail folder in case it’s gone in there). If you still don’t see anything, find the help contact on this FAQ:, or let me know!

    "You will receive a separate e-mail message after taking your first exam using Exam Insurance with instructions on how to activate your free TechNet Plus Direct subscription. Within six weeks of taking your exam, you will receive notification that includes an activation code and link to your TechNet Plus Direct subscription."

  12. Andy says:

    I receieved my email with free subscription January 31. Thanks Microsoft!

  13. Bing says:

    It’s already the 10th week. Still haven’t yet receive it.

  14. Roy Singer says:

    Can some one help on whom to talk to get this sub?

    It’s been four weeks since my exam and I haven’t heard a peep as to what to do.

    This reminds me of the old adage, if it’s too good to be true….

  15. says:

    1. Read the comments in this post about what to do if you haven’t gotten your subscription yet.

    2. The offer has been extended until April 30–same post has more info.

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