update on exam 70-540: Windows Mobile 5.0 – App Dev

An update on 540 (TS: Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 - Application Development) for those of you who are interested. The 71-540 beta (betas are always a 71- prefix) started in September 2006. The product planners (meet Howard) needed to extend the beta with a second wave through November, and as a result the exam live date changed from November 2006 to February 2007. So....anyone who took the beta in September has to wait until the new live date to get their results—by virtue of the fact that the betas define scoring, there can be no scores until all betas have run and the exam goes live.


The prep guide for 70-540 is being updated to reflect the new expected live date of February 2007. Please accept our apologies for confusion in the meantime; I know it is ridiculous how long it sometimes takes us to get our online-information-act together. FYI - more info on our beta process.

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  1. trikah@microsoft.com says:

    Prep guide has now been updated with the February date.


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