Go on, have a scratch: the Highs and Lows of IT Forum

Back in Seattle now. What a good event, TechEd. Here's my quick review: 

Absolute tops:

  1. My co-workers. My co-workers from Microsoft Learning, Pearson VUE (one of our exam partners), and the very funny MCTs from all over (Slovenia, Italy, Romania, Netherlands, UK, Greece, Switzerland etc. etc.) who worked with us at the MSL booth

  2. Best cake in show.

  3. Lucas from Kenya. He's an MCSE 2003 who came over to meet us at Microsoft Learning, in particular, because he really has appreciated his certifications. Guess what, that was really nice to hear. I talked to a lot of really cool people with good questions and comments -- i'll post the most commonly asked cert and training questions we got later.

  4. Go on, have a scratch. We had scratch cards to promote the launch of exam insurance, where attendees could win prizes, and Peter from Pearson VUE had this little patter to give them out, starting with "Go on, have a scratch," which I loved.

  5. Hands on Labs. these have got to be the coolest things here (even though everyone seems more excited about the free t-shirts sometimes...). You get to go in and try everything out and there are MCTs to answer your questions, and what's more, they don't yell at you or laugh and point if your questions are dumb. I did one of the labs on loadbalancing in Exchange 2007, and I'm pretty much an expert now.

Also, I kind of enjoyed collecting swag (event giveaways) for MCPs from the other booths for the "i'd rather be at teched" giveaway". A little like shopping. It was also cool going to sessions and the other Ask the Expert booths (Live Meeting, Forefront, O/V/E (office / vista / exchange as we say in the biz), System Center, VIrtual Earth, TechNet, etc) to try to keep up with what the other groups at MSFT are doing.

No lows. But, as I may have mentioned before... not much sleep. And 2 of my flights on the way home were cancelled. And I didn't get to take a Flamenco lesson. And, a customer at a country party* one night seemed pretty disgusted that I couldn't tell him the partition limits that MSFT uses**. Other than those, no lows.

*strangely it was the British party though I am from the US and the customer is Danish

**if anyone knows what a partition limit is, I'd love to know.

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  1. I was just invited by the Microsoft Learning EMEA team (EMEA is Europe, MIddle East, and Africa, by the

  2. I was just invited by the Microsoft Learning EMEA team (EMEA is Europe, MIddle East, and Africa, by the

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