"Best cake in show!"

Per my earlier post, the Microsoft Learning booth at Ask the Experts at IT Forum has, inexplicably, hundreds of tiny cookies–cakes, depending on where you’re from–with perfectly rendered little MCP logos on them. Slavko, our on-hand Slovenian MCT (I could not make this up!) has been aggressively hawking the little treasures with cries of “Best cake in show!!” to all passers-by. This has trumped everything else in my favorite things about TechEd.

These MCTs (msft certified trainers) are great – not only are a lot of them working as ambassadors or proctors at the event, but a bunch of guys are helping us answer certification, exam, and training questions for customers. Thanks you guys!!!


Comments (2)

  1. darronj says:

    hmm… Microsoft Certified Pastries?

  2. Arie says:

    You’re very welcome, thanks for mentioning it.

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