How To Use the Translation Features of Microsoft Word

Hi there! In this short video I'm going to show you how to use the translation features embedded in Microsoft Word to translate text documents into the variety of different languages supported by Microsoft Translator. Alright, let's get started.

Today, I received a Word document with a memo from a team I work with in Germany. The document is in German, but luckily I can use the Translator features in Word to translate it automatically!

To translate the text, I simply:

  • Select the text I want to translate.
  • Click on the "Review" tab in the ribbon at the top of the screen
  • Choose translate, and
  • Select "Translate Selected Text".

A window will appear on the right where you can choose the languages you want to translate to. Here is a list of all of the supported languages. I want to translate this document from German to English. I can then decide to either copy it to use it elsewhere in this document, or simply insert it to replace the original text.

If you want to translate an entire document, click on "Translate Document" from Translate under the Review tab. After you click on the icon, a window will pop up letting you know that this document will be sent to Microsoft Translator. Press "Send" and the translation will open up in a new tab of your internet browser.

If you have to do multiple translations or need to use the translate feature on a regular basis, I would recommend adding the translation menu to the "Quick Access" toolbar by

  • Going to "More Commands" at the top of the window
  • Select the "Review" tab from commands
  • Choose "Translate" and press add
  • and choose OK

Now, you can quickly select the phrase you want to translate, click on the shortcut, and there you go!

You may have noticed that when I opened the "Translate" menu that there was another option called "Mini Translator". The Mini Translator gives you a popup window with a translation every time you select a sentence or hover over a word in Microsoft Word. You can select the language of the Mini Translator by choosing "Choose Translation Language" in the translation menu. When you activate the Mini Translator, it will stay active until you deactivate it within the Translation menu. When the Mini Translator is activated, you will see a popup window with a translation that you can copy, or even play the sound of the original text. This Mini Translator is also available in PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote.

I hope this video has been useful in demonstrating the translation features embedded in Word. For more videos about Microsoft Translator, check out our YouTube channel at

Thanks a lot!

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