How To Use the Translation Features of Microsoft Excel

Hello, in this short video I'm going to show you how you can use the translation features of Microsoft Excel.

My team recently conducted a survey - here are the results on an Excel spreadsheet, but some of the comments were in Spanish. I don't understand Spanish, but that is not a problem with the translation features in Microsoft Excel.

To translate a cell, simply:

  • select the cell,
  • navigate to the "Review" tab in the ribbon at the top,
  • and click on "Translate".

This opens up a Research Window on the right. If the default language that comes up automatically is not the one I want, I can select from all of the many languages supported by Microsoft Translator. In this case, I want to translate this cell from Spanish to English. Now, I click on "Insert" to replace the text, or "Copy" to add the translation somewhere else in the spreadsheet. If I have linked cells, they will also update automatically.

If you have to do multiple translations or need to use the translate feature on a regular basis, I would recommend adding the "Translation" menu to the "Quick Access" toolbar at the top by going to:

  • "More Commands" at the top of the window,
  • selecting the "Review" tab from commands,
  • select "Translate" and press "Add",
  • and press "OK".

You can then quickly select the cell, click on the shortcut at the top of the screen, and it opens up the Research Window right away!

Now I'll just quickly translate the second cell as well, using the same method as before. Just a couple of clicks and I have my translation. I can quickly translate the rest of the foreign language cells by clicking the Translate icon at the top and then pressing the "Insert" button.

I hope this video has been helpful for using the translation features on Microsoft Excel. For more videos about Microsoft Translator, check out our YouTube channel at

Thanks a lot!

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