Microsoft announces Bangla, the latest language supported by Microsoft Translator

View of Dhaka cityscape in Bangladesh.

View of Dhaka cityscape in Bangladesh

With this new text translation language available, locals and travelers can communicate from and to Bangla throughout Bangladesh, the Indian subcontinent and around the globe by using the Microsoft Translator apps on their preferred device (Windows, Android, Kindle, or iOS).  Businesses can also easily integrate the Translator text API in their business processes such as customer support, web localization, training or internal communication.  The API can also add native translation support for solutions businesses market for industries such as manufacturing, retail, education, gaming, or government services.

With the Microsoft Translator live feature, whether in the Translator apps or on the web at, users can also translate speech from any of the nine supported languages to Bangla. This is particularly useful in the context of presentations where Bangla-speaking audiences are not familiar with the language spoken by the presenter. The audience can then ask questions to the presenter, in Bangla, by typing the questions directly on their device.

In addition to these apps and the developer-friendly Microsoft Translator API (part of the Cognitive Services family of AI-powered APIs on Azure), Translator also powers the translation capabilities of a wide range of Microsoft products, providing timely and cost effective translation when you need it, where you need it. Translator is integrated into Outlook  Microsoft Translator on BingCortanaEdge, SharePoint, and Yammer.

If you need to translate documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or even pdf files, and keep their original formatting while doing it, you can use Document Translator, a free open-source app available on GitHub.

Bangla is also available as an instant messaging language in Skype (both the Skype Windows desktop app and Skype for Windows) so that you can communicate from across the city to around the globe and be found in translation.

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