Adobe Experience Manager Integrates Translator to Offer Web-Based Automatic Translation

To keep up with the constant need for fresh content and to create great customer experiences, multinational companies are turning to the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) to help manage and optimize web content, digital experiences, digital assets, online communities, mobile applications, and forms in order to build their brand, drive demand, and expand their markets. Globalization and the explosion of digital content has accelerated the need to offer content in multiple languages, but human translation services remain expensive and time-consuming. Adobe needed to provide an easy way for digital marketers using AEM to translate multinational sites and international user communities using automatic translation.

Given the scale at which AEM operates, Adobe needed an automatic translation service that not only provided reliable translations, but could also perform at a massive scale. "Community and social collaboration sites generate a tremendous volume of user-generated content," says Christine Duran, Senior Manager in the Multilingual Solutions Team at Adobe. "In order to build a translation system to serve those needs, you need access to lots of data." Microsoft Translator is powered by machine learning translation technology, and is able to perform billions of translations daily while keeping customer data private.

To integrate the Microsoft Translator API, the Adobe team first had to build the Adobe Translation Framework in their AEM platform to enable the two technologies to connect. "The Translator API is very robust, so we knew from a development point of view that we could write a robust integration," says Duran. "We worked closely with the Microsoft team as we did that."

Adobe can now offer AEM users the ability to translate their content into more than 50 languages and extend their reach around the world. AEM 6.0 and above ships with a pre-configured Translator connector and a free trial license of 2 million characters per month, enabling users to start translating with minimal effort. AEM customers can also use the Translator Hub to build, train, and deploy translation systems that are customized specifically to their industry and organization's terminology and needs. With the integration of AEM and Microsoft Translator, global businesses can scale the reach and impact of their organizations across languages that covers 95 percent of the world's GDP.

To learn more about AEM's integration of Microsoft Translator, read the full case study.

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