Announcing the Next Generation of the Bing Translator Widget – Powering the Tomorrow Project

The Microsoft Translator and Bing Webmaster teams are announcing the new and improved Translator Widget. Built on the Microsoft Translator API the widget is a highly customizable and powerful translation tool you can place on your web page, instantly making the page available in 40+ languages. The redesigned widget provides a look and functionality best suited to today’s modern websites, while maintaining the features and functionality users love.

As part of Bing and Microsoft Research’s commitment to innovation in partnership with Intel, the next generation widget is powering the Tomorrow Project’s Future Powered by Fiction Contest web site. Real time translation by the Translator Widget empowers visitors to the site from across the globe to explore and share their creative vision for a better tomorrow.

As a free HTML/JavaScript app, the Translator Widget allows you to bring real-time, in-place translation to any web site. Visitors can see your pages in their own language, without having to go to a separate translation web site. Visitors to your site can also help you enhance the translations on your website by suggesting better translations for specific sentences, and you may invite others to turn these suggestions into authoritative corrections for all visitors.

Webmasters, developers, bloggers, or anyone with a webpage will be able to leverage the widget to expand their audience. The best part is, you don’t have to write new code to leverage the Translator widget. If you can paste a small snippet of JavaScript into your page, you will be able to display the widget to your audience. No need to know programming intricacies, or how to call an API. No need to write or install server side plug-ins for your specific software. Just copy, paste, and enable your visitors to translate!


For more advanced users, go beyond the basic and leverage the customization capabilities to modify the widget look and feel to best complement your web site. Pick the colors that blend into your site design or the size that best fits into your layout. The widget’s adaptive positioning allows you to better uses real estate for wide layout designs.

Webmasters can also enable the collaborative translation framework (CTF) to harness the power of their user community to improve translations over time. When enabled, PC users simply hover over the text to have the tooltip display "Improve Translation" when CTF is turned on. Touch devices simply click on the translated sentence to display the tool tip in their native language.


Learn more about how you can leverage the widget on your site today, via the getting started guide links included below. If you are using the widget already, or are a webmaster looking to grow your user audience, check out the new widget and begin translating right away, there is no cost to it!

The Translator fully supports customized machine translation systems, using the Translator Hub.

Getting Started Guides:


Comments (23)

  1. Amal Ajith says:

    I have a question. Is the bing translator free?

  2. Hercules Nobrega / says:

    Translate error word:

    Language From: German or English

    Language To: Brazilian Portuguese

    Word: 'not confirmed'

    is Wrong: 'emergência confirmada'

    is Correct: 'não confirmado'

  3. Hi Hercules,

    there is no error here. The German word "Not" is indeed an "emergency".

    Translating from English gives the same translation you are stating.

    Please keep the feedback coming,

    Chris Wendt

    Microsoft Translator

  4. says:


  5. fernandezoscar says:

    quiero saber si el programa es gratis porque soy jubilado y lo que nos pagan no alcansa para vivir

  6. @Amal& @fernandezoscar: yes it's free.

  7. bodlivko says:

    За мен транслатора е прекрасен,перфектно отговаря на моментното ми компетентно ниво в използване на новите IT!

    Благодаря на всички които безкористно са отдали труда и знанията си,за да облагодетелстват ползващите WWW!



  9. bodlivko says:

    Тоя сайт е прекрасен за мен,тъй като предлага подробна информация относно преводите на текстове,различни от говоримият ми език.Тук не става въпрос за преводи свързани със стандартизираните текстове при използване на Microsoft данните в областта на IT,а има толкова обемна информация в други области от науките,на голям брой езици което затруднява специалистите да я използват рационално без помощта на транслаторите.

    Като начало мен ме устройва използването на Microsoft Translator!

  10. Bob Lathim says:

    Can I get this as an ad on? I do not have a website and sometimes google will not translate pages I visit and if so how do I ad it please?

  11. Hi Bob,

    for full-page translation you can use the Translator Bookmarklet at

    or the Translator app on the Bing Bar at

    Chris Wendt

    Microsoft Translator team

  12. Andrei says:

    It is very nice that you have developed such a project. It was a brave choice to use this new API in your own Microsoft Windows Update Description pages, where the fixes that certain update brings are described. The API translates words quite well, but the sense is being lost quite often. Very easy to correct that, nice feature. Is there any way to collaborate with you by giving you the correct translation of the Windows Update Description elements such as applied fixes (in my case it is Russian language). Would be great to get a small fee for that. Is there anyone whom we could contact to get hired?

  13. @Andrei: When you use the Widget, you and your community can offer alternative translation through the Collaborative Translation Framework (

  14. PTK_Gopher says:

    I would like to use both the Bing Translator widget and the Microsoft Translator API on my website (Azure website, ASP.NET MVC). I have signed up for the Translator API on the Azure Marketplace, and can successfully translate my site text using the "Translate" method. I can also add human-made translations using the AddTranslation method. I would like to have my translation experts use the Bing Widget interface to input their translations (suggest alternative translation). I would then accept these translations using the Bing Widget Dashboard. My question is whether I can retrieve, through the API, the translations submitted and accepted through the Bing Widget? I don't see that the two "accounts" can be linked in any way through a "clientID" or "secret".

  15. @PTK_Gopher: The widget uses your customer ID to store the corrections. Please establish the customer ID you see on as a client ID. Then you will have shared access to your data via API and widget.

  16. PTK_Gopher says:

    This is great stuff. Very appreciative, and thankful!

  17. PTK_Gopher says:

    I am now using the GetTranslations() method of the API, but am only receiving the machine translations (rating 5). I have accepted expert translations, but am not able to get them through the API, even though they are used by the widget. To set this up, I tried to follow your advice. I copied my Azure Marketplace customerID and registered my application there ("Developers" area) using the customerID as the clientID. I then use that clientID with my client secret to make my API calls. I used the translator widget configurator ( to set my options and associate it to my Azure Marketplace account – and to my subscription of the Microsoft Translator (data). So, on the marketplace, I have both the "Microsoft Translator Widget" in my account (My Applications) and the "Microsoft Translator" (My Data). The widget uses an encoded "siteData" parameter that I assume includes the clientID from my Marketplace account. It should have gotten that when I associated the widget to my Microsoft Translator Data Subscription. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

  18. sophie thomas says:

    Je suis française et parle couramment le portugais ! je trouve très dommage que vous ne puissiez traduire correctement du portugais au français!! quel inutilité pour enseigner le portugais à des amis français!! Alors ??

  19. @sophie

    Thank you for your feedback. We are constantly working on improving the quality of our translations by gathering more data.

    Feel free to send any specific mis-translations our way.

    Tanvi Surti

    Microsoft Translator team.

  20. Bryan says:

    Is there a plan to make the new translation widget accessible?  In order to be accessible, user needs to be able to tab to any of the language selection and hit return since they might not have the mouse.  In term of accessibility, the new widget takes a step back since it can't be access using tab and it uses <table>, <tr>, and <td> to construct  the language list.  Also, it's a limitation if the widget only can open down so it has to be at the top of the page.  The version 2 of the widget uses selection list so I can put it at the page footer.

  21. محمد اشرف حسين says:

    ما هى الكلمة المكونة من 25حرفا

    المقصود بة مفاتح المنتج

  22. Claudine Gilbert says:

    Les traductions produites sont aussi incompréhensibles que le texte original !

    Comment est-ce possible de laisser passer ces traductions ineptes ?

    Faites-vous aider par des personnes qualifiées  s.v.p.

  23. JUSTus, Inc. says:

    what a great way to break the language barriers….tied with Rosetta Stone, amazing…

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