Translator app now available for Windows Phone 8

The free Bing Translator app for Windows Phone continues to be one of the most popular and best reviewed applications for the Windows Phone – surpassing a million downloads and garnering average ratings between 4 and 5 stars since release. Combining Augmented Reality Translation using your camera, speech & text translation, word-of-the-day live tiles and a travel optimized offline mode the app has received rave reviews and has been highlighted as one of the most innovative translation apps on any platform.


For the past few weeks the team has been heads down getting the app ready and tested for the new phones running Windows Phone 8, and we are pleased to announce that owners of the new Windows Phone devices are now able to download the app from the App Store.

You can download from the marketplace here.

As a Windows Phone 8 user, you will also discover a new translator “lens” whenever you launch your camera – allowing you to quickly access the camera mode translation functionality of the app.


For those of you who are new to the app, here is a behind-the-scenes look:

Video: New Translator App for Windows Phone Powered by Bing Available for Free Download
Translator for Windows Phone

We hope you find the app useful as you navigate an increasingly multilingual universe.

- Vikram Dendi,
Director of Product Management,
Microsoft/Bing Translator

Comments (24)

  1. searchingishard says:

    Oddly, searching "translator" in the wp store (both web and on the phone) resulted in every translator app except this one. And when I clicked "find more lenses" in my camera, this translator lens did not show up. So, thanks for supplying a direct link in this post!

  2. Aiden says:

    Does it work on Windows Phone 7.5

  3. Lawrence says:

    Feature request: Pinyin for non-alphabetic languages.

  4. Danny Wang says:

    Hi, I'm a master student of Applied Language Studies. A couple of weeks ago, I read the news of the debut of Microsoft voice translation on Microsoft forum in Tianjin, China. Recently I started reading articles on machine translation and became interested in this realm. But I know little about prerequisites to get into machine translation research. Would you please enlighten me on what kind of expectations you have for a member of your translator R&D team? Would it be possible for a linguistics student like me who barely knows about programming to join your group? Let me know your thoughts?

  5. bodlivko says:

    Благодаря на екипа,че най-после успя да активира това прекрасно приложение,в помощ на различно говорещите от стандартния английски език клиенти!От една година не мога пълноценно да използвам електронната си поща,но днес с радост открих,че вече всичко е в ред,но до кога не бих се наел да пророкувам.

  6. @searchingishard: The store took a bit of time to add the app to the search index, you should be able to search for it now and find it that way as well!

    @Aiden: Yes – it always did.

  7. Jangid says:

    Windows Phone 8 is completely crap until you are not supporting Hindi or other Indian language.

  8. Mepb0t says:

    I really need this app to translate from Japanese to other languages.  I'm not sure why there are only a handful of languages you can translate from, but please add Japanese as soon as possible.

  9. Hi Mepb0t,

    We’re working on it.  When Japanese gets released, we’ll announce it on the forum site.  So stay tuned.  Thanks for your interests in our Translator app on Windows Phone 8!  Takako (Microsoft Translator Team)

  10. translatoruser says:

    Do we have a timeline for additional language packs.  I only see 5 languages I can download for use offline.  Any timeline on when Russian will be released?

  11. @translatoruser

    We are working on new language packs, and given the complexity of creating a customized “mini” translation system that is optimized for mobile/travel scenarios – we want to get it to a reasonable level of initial quality (especially given some of the languages we are working on are quite complex both for OCR and translation). Stay tuned to this blog for news 🙂

    – Vikram 

  12. Prashant says:

    Will we get translator in Hindi version?

  13. Hi Prashant,

    Bing Translator for Windows Phone provides text translation from and to Hindi today. We will announce additional capabilities here on the blog as they become available.

    Your Bing Translator team

  14. You really need to incorporate "pinyin" in your Chinese Mandarin/English translator.  It is the written language for those that can't read Chinese characters. Pinyin allows you to read and pronounce on your own without having to pass the phone around.  Learn from the Apple App. It's great but I want to continue with Nokia and Win.8  Also needed is the ability to slow down the audio.  Also note Mandarin is the official spoken language of the PRC and ROC.

    I will upgrade to the N1020 when you accomplish the above. Thanks for your consideration.


  15. When or are you going to incorporate "pinyin" output along with the spoken Mandarin Chinese language when translating English to Mandarin/simplified Chinese?


  16. kaorun says:

    Hi, Bing Translator App for WP8 updated today. Then, in change of the update, Japanese version of Translator App renamed from "Translator" to "翻訳家". I feel it is horribly ugly name, too straight forward translating. "翻訳家" means "translating professional MAN" when App named that like "Mr. Translator" in English is it cool? Please, put back the app name to "Translator". So, U.S. people tend to think Japanese are not read at all English words.

    BTW, new version of Translator has some terms mismatching in Japanese. I felt the quality of the translated Japanese as very low. When you see disappointing messages in app, can you expect translation quality to the app? Of couase, the most interesting things is that Windows Phone come back to Japan.

  17. Akky Akimoto says:

    agreed with kaorun on the Japanese new name. "翻訳家" sounds so lame. There are many English-origin words which are more acceptable for Japanese nowadays. "translator" (or "トランスレーター" in katakana) are one of them and much better. Just "翻訳"(translation) is another option which matches with some competitors' wording.

  18. Peter Billett says:

    Any news on adding Japanese to the language packs?

  19. Dear kaorun and Akky Akimoto,

    thanks for your feedback.  We have created a work item for this.

    Best regards,

      Christian Federmann

    Microsoft Translator Team

  20. mangohunter says:

    Any news on Japanese becoming an offline package?

  21. Dear Peter Billett and mangohunter,

    we will announce availability of the Japanese language pack here on the blog once it is ready 🙂

    Best regards,

      Christian Federmann

    Microsoft Translator Team

  22. Doug Houghton says:

    Any change of a Cantonese translator?

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