Showcasing some great consumer applications powered by Microsoft Translator API

While we are quite proud of the applications and services that we have built, we are even prouder of the many wonderful applications built by our partners using our extensive set of APIs. In this series, we wish to highlight some of these apps.

Polyglot – an elegant Windows Phone translator application

You might have used the free Translator app on the Windows Phone marketplace, but you should definitely give Polyglot from Very Software a try. With a beautiful interface that works in either orientation and delivering translations on the go – Polyglot is undoubtedly one of the best looking Windows Phone applications in the market.

Large PC app tile 200x200  polyglot screenshot 01

Home Page

Kywix Babilia HD – a highly functional application for iPad which offers translation and more

One of the fast growing applications that is well optimized for the larger touchscreen. Integrates with Dropbox for source material, and with Facebook and Twitter for quick sharing of translated content. Check out the various elegant touches – including the capability to translate PDF, learn new vocabulary and tv-out support.

appArtH  Babilia1

Home page

There are many other free and paid applications built using Microsoft Translator APIs - we would love to hear of any others you would like showcased here.

Comments (10)

  1. Kuromelo says:


  2. gorbesia says:


    sorry , the persian language is not in your program .

    so so sorry

  3. Ringo says:

    Do you provide any professional software for Translating Thai to English.

    My job due business with a lot of Thai manufacturer, supplier ,litigation

    etc with Thai country. If you do provide us with this software,we will be please

    to buy online from you.

    Best Regards,

  4. Hi Ringo,

    We provide licenses for commercial use of our API. You may send a mail to to request a commercial license agreement.

    The Microsoft Translator Team

  5. Foxbad says:

    Felicidades, es un Gran Logro tener esta herramienta, ya que en la Investigaciòn de la Universidad son muy Utiles, solo

    qe yo no tengo Referencia de una Marca de un Negocio solo lo usaria para apoyo de Paginas Europeas de mi Escuela.

    Sera Posible.

    Muchas Gracias.

  6. Hi Foxbad,

    Thanks for your interests in Microsoft Translator.

    For the translator Widget, go to:

    You can get the information for Translator Widget for websites.

    For API related information, go to:

    You’ll find lots of useful information there.

    If you’re interested in using our API as a commercial entity, please contact for licensing issues (though I am not sure whether this is relevant to your question here).

    Hope that the above information is helpful.  Let us know if you have further questions.  Thanks.  Takako

  7. Frank S says:

    How many languages are you currently able to translate right now?

  8. Hi Frank,

    We currently support 37 languages.  Check our landing page ( or go to for the list of the currently supported languages.

    Regards, Takako –Microsoft Translator Team-

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