Indonesian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese are now available!

What do Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Indonesian have in common? They all have very passionate communities that have for a while been encouraging our team to add support for these languages. A glance at the comments on this blog, and on our forums show the enthusiasm with which users have pursued adding these languages, and that has spurred our team on to work hard towards this goal.

We are proud to announce that with our latest release, we added these three languages to bring our total number languages to 35. The Microsoft Translator machine translation system can now deliver translations in the following languages:

Arabic French Latvian Swedish
Bulgarian German Lithuanian Thai
Chinese Simplified Greek Norwegian Turkish
Chinese Traditional Haitian Creole Polish Ukrainian
Czech Hebrew Portuguese Vietnamese
Danish Hungarian Romanian  
Dutch Indonesian Russian  
English Italian Slovak  
Estonian Japanese Slovenian  
Finnish Korean Spanish  

This means that you can use the Bing Translator text and web page translation functionality in all these languages.


You can also translate text and documents between these languages from within Office. To see these languages in your Office translation language list, you would need to have the LIP (Language Interface Pack) for that language installed. More details here.


Personally, I am quite excited at being able to follow what my friends are saying in these languages on Facebook and Twitter (by using the visual preview of the Internet Explorer accelerator)!


Once again, if you are part of our one of these three communities – congratulations on working with us to “ship” these new languages! We will continue working towards adding more languages in upcoming releases.

We will look forward to hearing from you (please email us at You can also interact with the community on our forums.

Comments (21)

  1. Alex Blokha says:

    Thank you from ukrainians, guys!


  2. Alex Blokha says:

    One issue. It is better to do translation between russian,  ukrainian and belorussian directly, not using enlish as transit language. Like google does.  A lot of forms is missed during transition throug english language.

    Between languages of west slavic group, I guess such rule works also.

  3. Alex_Ivanov says:

    Thank you guys for Ukrainian language!

    Щиро дякую!

  4. Yola says:

    Thanks a lot for ukrainian translator, i pleased much!

  5. Oleksandr Ivanov says:

    Thank you very much guys!

    Дуже дякую!

  6. We appreciate your encouragement in making Ukrainian happen folks! Please don't hesistate to keep the feedback coming.

  7. Andriy says:

    Great news! Finally Ukrainian 🙂

  8. Alex says:

    But why there is no Ukrainian in MS Office and in your web-gadget? Should I ask Balmer on his next visit to Kiev?

  9. Hello Alex,

    at this moment, only the following langauge versions of Office support Ukrainian in translation:


    You may use a langauge interface pack (LIP) to change the language of an existing Office installation. Please also update the Microsoft Translator service using "Research options" and updateMicrosoft Translator under the "Update/Remove" tab.

    English and other versions of Office will follow later.

    Our web widget does support Ukrainian today, you can try it on this blog:…/indonesian-ukrainian-and-vietnamese-are-now-available.aspx.

    Chris Wendt
    Microsoft Translator

  10. vmlca says:

    Thank you for Ukrainian!!

  11. James says:

    Good to see more languages, but it's disappointing that Bengali, the 6th most spoken language on Earth is not available. Google recently adopted it…

  12. Hi James,

    It's always been the Microsoft Translator Team's goal to add more languages to our service, and we'll be continued to do so. Bengali is definitely on our radar. We make all our new language pairs announcements through our Blog, so if you haven't subscribed to our blog, please do so. 🙂


    Microsoft Translator Team

  13. David says:

    Do you have plans to add support for Persian / Farsi language ?

  14. RaYan says:

    Don't have any idea for support farsi language in bing translation ?

  15. Hi David,

    Our goal is to add more languages to our service, and Farsi is definitely on our radar. We make all our new language pairs announcements through our Blog, so stay tuned.  Thank you for using Microsoft Translator.


    Microsoft Translator

  16. Hi RaYan,

    Farsi is definitely on our radar.  We will make all our new language pairs announcements through our Blog, so stay tuned.

    Thanks.  Takako -Microsoft Translator-

  17. nomUSA Mabaso says:

    Where are South African languages: ZULU, XHOSA , SOTHO?

  18. Hi nomUSA Mabaso,

    We do not currently support South African languages in Microsoft Translator.  As soon as we do, we will post an announcement here.  Sincerely, Takako –Microsoft Translator–  

  19. azhar says:

    thanks for content Indonesia Languange… the microsoft

  20. Patris_70 says:

    Persian/Farsi language is now available.

    Thank you guys for Persian language!

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