Announcement: New languages added to Microsoft Translator (and Bing Translator)

A little while ago I was asked to figure out a solution to a user experience problem that was affecting some of our offerings such as the Bing text and web page translators. A “bug” was assigned to me, asking me to weigh in on how to deal with a problem of plenty: Given we were about to add a substantial set of new languages we were running out of space to display them properly. What could be a quick interim fix?

Several months ago, while announcing the availability of Hebrew in our language list, I had requested our community of users what else they wanted to see supported. Taking into account all the feedback that came in since then, we have been hard at work to add support to new languages. This is why it’s always a pleasure to encounter problems like the one above – they indicate that this work was coming to fruition.

I am happy to announce the addition of seven new languages to our translation service. As always, they will be immediately available for your use through the APIs and all the products that consume the service. Here is the list of languages that have been added in the latest release. In addition there have been several updates to the Haitian Creole language since we last talked about it here.

New languages:

ROM - Romanian
NOR - Norwegian
HUN - Hungarian
SKY - Slovak
SLO - Slovenian
LTH - Lithuanian
TRK – Turkishimage

This brings our languages supported number to 30 languages. Here is the full list:

Currently available:

ARA - Arabic
CHS - Chinese Simplified
CHT - Chinese Traditional
NLD - Dutch
ENU - English
FRA - French
DEU - German
HEB – Hebrew
HT – Haitian Creole
ITA - Italian
JPN - Japanese
KOR - Korean
PLK - Polish
PTB - Portuguese
RUS - Russian
ESN - Spanish
CSY - Czech
DAN - Danish
ELL - Greek
SVE - Swedish
THA - Thai
BGR - Bulgarian
FIN – Finnish
ROM - Romanian
NOR - Norwegian
HUN - Hungarian
SKY - Slovak
SLO - Slovenian
LTH - Lithuanian
TRK - Turkish

Head on over to our forums if you have specific feedback or looking for discussions about these new languages. We continue to work on adding even more languages to the service, so please keep sending us feedback and stay tuned for other announcements on this blog.

With the addition of these new languages, the approach I recommended in the short term is visible in the translation toolbar – the language list uses a smaller font size. In the future, we intend to move to either a multiple column list, or another style of display for the list.

I will look forward to more such problems, since it means we are meeting more expectations from you - our users. Enjoy the new languages!


- Vikram Dendi, Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Translator

Comments (41)

  1. Kamiar says:

    Microsoft have to put persian language in it.

  2. Sushovan says:

    Any idea when Bengali, the sixth most popular language in the world, will be added to the list?

  3. Alichar says:

    Thank you for adding new languages above. However, the quality of them also should be improved.

  4. SAM says:

    Congratulations! Creole support in such a small time frame is awesome.

    Please add Indian languages. Start with Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi and Bengali.

    Thank you! You guys are awesome!

  5. John H. Selnæs says:

    Great, when will Norwegian be available when translating through the Research task pane?

  6. John H. Selnæs says:

    Now I’m able to translate from/to Norwegian through the Research task pane. I followed your setup instructions here (I first tried the installer with no success regarding Norwegian translation.)

  7. Hi there!

    Any plans for Vietnamese? We have a large Viet population in Boston that rely on our services.


    Susan Harrington

  8. Fredrik Stadler says:

    Hi, this is certainly a great tool.

    Except for som languages, I only miss the possibility to incorporate usage of the translator into Google Analytics. Any hint on how this can be done?

    I would like to be able to see how often the translator has been used and which languages, if possible.

  9. Ya says:

    Коли Ви плануєте додати українську мову?

    When do you plan to add ukrainian language?

  10. Olga says:

    Thanks for those. Are you guys currently working to add Ukrainian, by any chance?

  11. Henadij says:

    When do you plan to add Ukrainian language?

  12. Юрій says:

    Хотілося б бачити українську. Дякую.

    Would be great to see Ukrainian. Thanks.

  13. Vadym says:

    Будь ласка, додайте українську мову.

    Please, add Ukrainian language.

  14. Julia says:

    Коли Ви плануєте додати українську мову?

    When do you plan to add ukrainian language?

  15. Anastasiia says:

    Sorry, and what about Ukrainian language?

  16. Nataly says:

    When do you plan to add UKRAINIAN language?

  17. Andrii says:

    When will you add ukrainian language?

  18. tomtom says:

    Bing Translate is good, but not as good as that by Google. In order to make Bing Translate better, perhaps Bing should carefully examine how Google does it (MUCH larger database, a statistical approach versus just a rule-based approach, a feedback system to increase its learning, and a toolkit that adds new languages) and do the same or — better yet — do better.

    I would like to see Bing Translate be better than Google’s. With more languages, even obscure ones.  If Google can do it, Bing can do it better, but only if you really want to. Do you really want to?

    See these recent NY Times articles from March 2010.

  19. Ronit King says:

    We are constantly acquiring more data and using other methods to improve Microsoft Translator’s quality and performance. Our aim is to be the best online machine translator in the market. Thank you for your valuable feedback and we’ll try our best to meet our customers’ needs.

    Ronit King

    Microsoft Translator Team

  20. tomtom says:

    Thanks for your quick response.  I have already made Bing my preferred search engine.

    I rarely use Google anymore, but the one Google service I still use is their translation service.  I’d like to switch to Bing’s translation service, but it still needs improvement before I make that switch full time.  

    It is too bad that Microsoft abandoned book scanning project; Google’s book scanning database has allowed Google to get more language terms for its Translation service.  

    I think that is one of the things that sets Google apart.  They take massive amounts of data from one area of their domain (e.g. scans from books), and use them in other areas (e.g. translation).  Now, it appears they want to use their Goggles ability to read and translate restaurant menus and street signs, etc. in foreign countries. Very helpful, but will it make us dumber and less likely to learn or master a foreign language?

    Microsoft needs to up its level of innovation; Google is continually coming out with new products nearly every week even though it has only 1/4 the employees that Microsoft has.  Why isn’t Microsoft innovating?

  21. so... says:

    Where’s Ukrainian language? Are you planning to completely ignore one of the biggest European country?

  22. generall says:

    When do you plan to add ukrainian language?

  23. Alichar says:

    Could you please make a tool like Google Translator Toolkit ? Google  Translator Toolkit is a powerful and easy-to-use editor that helps translators work faster and better.

  24. I dont think we can get a quality translation by using the software applications2.

  25. Tina says:

    why are their not Vietnamese translator ?????

    please add it in and if you did, tell me at my email:

    THanks {i need help in Vietnamese}

  26. @tomtom, we certainly appreciate your help, support and great feedback.

    You are right about the book scanning project – and we have focused on different strategies to train on data that allows us to better customize for specific scenarios.

    As you might have noticed from the latest post on this blog – we announced the new versions of the widget and API at MIX 2010. You  might recall that about a year ago, we were the first service to deliver an in-place translation widget which has since been emulated by other services. Our key focus has been on helping integrate the translation functionality into various scenarios – and keep innovating on end user experiences.

    There are several other investments we are making which you will hear about on this blog soon that I am sure you will be supportive of. Please keep the feedback coming. You can reach us directly at


    Vikram Dendi

    Microsoft Translator

  27. @Alichar,

    You might have noticed our latest announcement from MIX 2010. We believe this is a better approach to combining human and machine translations – and allows you to better integrate it into your own community rather than go to a third party toolkit site.


    Vikram Dendi

    Microsoft Translator

  28. ماهر says:

    أرجو المساعده على تحويل واجهة صفحة الترجمة من عبرية إلى عربية بحيث تكون صفحة الترجمة عربية وليست عبرية

    ولكم جزيل الشكر

  29. Justin says:

    To all the Ukrainian people, y’all know Russian too!   So translate into Russian instead!  I know many universities in Ukraine that teach in Russian because of the availability of materials and to attract foreign students.  Besides 30% of Ukrainians speak Russian as a first language and the rest of the computer using populous should know it as a second language.

  30. Ivan Pearsky says:

    Please add Croatian (Hrvatski) language, google already has it, why can’t you add it, it is very similar to Slovenian language and you have that, by adding Croatian, you would be very close to Serbian…the grammar is the same (Slovenian almost too), that is 18 million people that would be grateful :-).

  31. noneother says:

    Please add Hindi(Indian) Language to your translation application.

    Its very widely used language in the world.

  32. Daniel says:

    What about MACEDONIAN, Serbian or Croatian language?

  33. Gary says:

    Branding question- should the service be referred to as Microsoft Translator or Bing Translator? The various references on Microsoft's doc sites *now* refer to it as Microsoft Translator, but at one point it seemed the branding was leaning towards Bing Translator:…/Microsoft_Translator

    Please also include this answer on the FAQ so that others can easily bing it.

  34. @Gary – good question. We should definitely make this clearer on the blog and FAQ. Microsoft Translator is the brand name for the machine translation technology, service and associated tools/prototypes/SDKs. Bing Translator is specifically the name for Bing's end user focused offerings – the text translation site ( and the webpage translation service.


    Microsoft Translator team

  35. Pete says:

    I would be very much helped by having a Latin translater included.

  36. devil says:

    Please add URDU language too.

  37. hossein says:

    persian trans?

  38. Thanks for making your wishes for additional languages known. This helps us make better decisions.

  39. Dear Vikram,

    We would support adding Kyrgyz language to your service. Can you please tell us what should we do? We currently have a database of tmx files with 1 million words of translations in Kyrgyz language paired with English.

    Thanks in advance.

  40. Kenneth says:

    It seems that this article was made "Microsoft Translator 1 Mar 2010 2:57 AM"… Would you please update it so that we could see the complete latest list of available languages plus its language codes? This help me update my current app, thanks!

  41. Hi Kenneth,  

    The full list of languages with codes can be found here:…/hh456380.aspx.  You can also generate the list programmatically through a call to our API (GetLanguageNames, GetLanguagesForTranslate).

    Hope that helps.

    Will Lewis

    Microsoft Translator Team

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