TechEd Europe: Microsoft Translator APIs in beta

Hallo aus Berlin!

Thanks to the great feedback from the early adopters of the Microsoft Translator APIs, we are pleased to remove the invite requirement and move the APIs to public beta.

techedbadgeLikewise, we are also pleased to announce the availability of API (SOAP and HTTP) licensing terms for commercial applications. Feel free to email for more information. While in beta, there is no charge for commercial use of the API. TTechEdEurope

Thank you for all those who attended today’s session at TechEd Europe. Here is a recap:

  • Microsoft Translator APIs are now in beta
  • Detailed reference for the APIs on MSDN, Getting started guides for ASP.NET and PHP, Interactive SDK
  • 20+ languages supported by the service now (the latest 2 to be added in the next few days – Finnish and Bulgarian)
  • New to windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8? Try the “Translate with Bing” accelerator powered by Microsoft Translator!
  • Microsoft Translator powers millions of translations each day for Office (2003-2010), Bing, Live Toolbar and the unique Messenger bot
  • Commercial licenses for the SOAP and HTTP APIs are available at no cost. Contact for more details

We also greatly appreciate all the great feedback on what languages you would like to see, and we hope to satisfy many of the requests within the next few months. Stay tuned and keep the feedback coming!

-Vikram Dendi

Microsoft Translator

Comments (9)

  1. Ali says:

    Unfortunately, it does not support Turkish.

  2. Hi Ali – Turkish is certainly on our roadmap, stay tuned to this blog for more news on this in the coming weeks.


    Vikram Dendi

    Microsoft Translator

  3. This text was written in Portuguese and translated into English by bing translator.

    I wonder if you could add the following small change in BT: translation be made once the user press the "enter" button on the keyboard. I think that is good, since all site search works this way, it is faster and everyone is already accustomed to.

    ps: I did not find another place to post my suggestion, why I am putting it here, excuses and even more! 🙂

    pss: If there is a response to this comment, please refer to my email: eduvfsilva

  4. Sam says:

    The http interface doesn’t work. Try the sample code you posted:

    When I try that, I get an error: "SenderappId is invalid" – what appId should I use?

  5. Sam,

    You need a bing developer AppID to use the HTTP and SOAP APIs – you can get that here:


    Vikram Dendi

    Microsoft Translator

  6. Chris Wendt says:

    For Eduardo:

    Thank you for the suggestion. We followed your proposal, and now perform the translation on pressing the Enter key. To insert a line break when typing the text to translate, use Shift-Enter.

    Chris Wendt

    Microsoft Translator

  7. Nicolas Chevallier says:

    Thanks for the widget that helps me to save a lot of time.

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