Twenty is a nice round number – say ยินดีต้อนรับ (welcome) to our newest release!

In my last update I had asked about what languages you wanted Microsoft Translator service to support. Thank you for taking the time to respond. We are pleased to announce that last week we added Czech (CSY), Danish (DAN), Greek (ELL), Swedish (SVE) and Thai (THA), taking our language count to a nice round 20. image

Here is the complete list as of today: image

  • ARA – Arabic
  • CHS - Chinese Simplified
  • CHT - Chinese Traditional
  • NLD - Dutch
  • ENU - English
  • FRA - French
  • DEU - German
  • HEB - Hebrew
  • ITA - Italian
  • JPN - Japanese
  • KOR - Korean
  • PLK - Polish
  • PTB - Portuguese
  • RUS - Russian
  • ESN - Spanish
  • CSY - Czech
  • DAN - Danish
  • ELL - Greek
  • SVE - Swedish
  • THA - Thai

You will be able to translate between these languages in all Microsoft Translator powered services including Bing Translator, Internet Explorer Accelerator, Office, Widget as well as in our APIs. Feel free to send in your feedback on the new languages via the forum. We do keenly follow your recommendations and requests as we prioritize new languages – so please do keep them coming in the comments section!

-Vikram Dendi

Microsoft Translator

Comments (67)

  1. Jeff says:

    good to know that. Actually, the quality of your translations seems to be better than your competitors (did any one mention the big G?)

    We you bing for all translations and for official ones

  2. Rudy says:

    How about Tagalog, and plans for the language of the Philippines?

  3. tae says:

    You want to see romaji transliteration of Japanese (e.g. あいうえお かきくけこ さしすせそ たちつてと なにぬねの はひふへほ まみむめも やゆよ らりるれろ わを ん) was transliterated to the whole alphabet

  4. Tae says:

    You want to see Algerian, Egyptian Iraqi, Pashto and Persian to be shown

  5. Is there a way to download this to use it offline?

  6. Brain_a ALGERIA _ Tiaret says:

    شكرا جزيلا لكم با عون الله وفضلكم نحن في هدا الازدهار والتقدم

  7. Tae says:

    Thank you very much BAINS Aoun and please God we progress in this prosperity and progress

  8. emad says:

    i was wondering if you update translator with persian (farsi) language.

    i think i would be really useful because too many iranian looks for reliable translator.


    yours sincerely

  9. Hi emad (and others),

    We are working on Persian and other languages, and will announce the new languages here as they come available.  Thank you for your continued interest in our translator.  We very much appreciate your suggestions!


    William Lewis

    Microsoft Translator

  10. Please i need the api key for developers!!! Pleaseeee!!! 😉

  11. @Javier:

    We just sent you an AJAX API code. Please email me at if you didn’t receive it.

    Secondly, for HTTP & SOAP APIs, all you need is a Bing Developer appid.

  12. Paul says:

    A tagalog translator in needed!

  13. I would be interested in seeing Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia and Khmer.

  14. Nguyen says:

    How about Vietnamese?

    Ranking by the number of native speakers

    Rank 17th in the world .

    Rank 7th in the US.

  15. Brenda says:

    any plans to add luxemborgish?  Very complicated language and i really need help

  16. Thanks to all of you for your input on additional languages.  We’re working on a number of new languages right now and will let you know here as they become available.


    William Lewis

    Microsoft Translator

  17. Susan says:

    Any plans to offer Vietnamese translation? We also have large Haitian Creole and Albanian populations in our city. Thanks!

  18. Takako Aikawa says:

    We’re working on new languages and will let you know in our blog site when they become available.  Thanks for your interests in Microsoft Translator!  Takako

  19. Ali says:

    Any plans to offer Turkish translation?

  20. gjvdleede says:

    I would like to add the Norwegian. Shouldn’t be that hard because of the simularities with Danish. Any plans to add Norwegian?

  21. Ya says:

    Please, add ukrainian translation.

  22. Igor Sova says:

    There are fifty millions of Ukrainians, who think that it would be great if Microsoft Translator service was supporting Ukrainian.


  23. trivia says:

    So what about ukrainian laguage?

  24. Ihor says:

    Please, add Ukrainian translation.

  25. aaa says:

    Add Ukrainian translation, please.

  26. Lana says:

    Add Ukrainian translation, please.

  27. Andrik says:

    Please, add Ukrainian translation!

  28. Ьщкефтп says:

    So what about Ukrainian language?

  29. anatoli skarbovoi says:

    i’d be very grateful if you added Ukrainian translation

  30. Dmitry says:

    Ukrainian would be extremely helpful

  31. Sergy says:

    So many requests for Ukrainian:)

    I often need translate something in Ukrainian, so I subscribe to the opinion.

    And Finnish, please.

  32. Alex says:

    ukrainian language spoken users will be grateful when add ukrainian translation

  33. Chris Wendt says:

    Thanks for the feedback on Ukrainian! We are hearing it, and will announce here when it is available.

    Chris Wendt

    Microsoft Translator

  34. Oleksa Shkatov says:


    What about Ukrainian language? Is it good to ignore language of the biggest European country and one of the biggest former USSR republics for many years?

  35. Andrii says:

    Thanks for Ukrainian language – this is my mother tongue.

  36. Alex says:

    Glad to hear, that Ukraian will be added :).

    Дякую 🙂

  37. Nata says:

    Add Ukrainian translation, please.

  38. Oleksandr Neklesa says:

    A translation for my mother’s tongue, Ukrainian, would be much appreciated.

    Nowadays about 2 million Ukrainians live in the USA and Canada (I’m one of them). Many of them need to translate to/from Ukrainian. I use paper dictionaries and available online translation tools (they suck!) almost every day in my work here, in the U.S.

    Thanks a lot for considering to add Ukrainian language!

  39. sleepy says:

    Add Ukrainian translation, please!

  40. boba says:

    I need Ukrainian translation! Please add it.

  41. Laminarie says:

    It would be great to have ukrainian translation! 🙂

  42. olexandr says:

    Ukrainian, pls, pls, pls! I need Ukrainin!

  43. Andriy says:

    Friday, November 13, 2009 6:47 AM by Chris Wendt:

    thanks for this info. this amount of requests for Ukr. isn’t huge. really, it would be great and very useful to work with native language and it looks maybe a little bit distracting when it is omitted. so, please add my voice to all the rest: +1 for UA lang, could we have it added? 🙂

  44. Ruslan says:

    Add Ukrainian translation, please.

  45. Julia says:

    I’d be very grateful if you added Ukrainian translation

  46. Canada,Spain,Italy says:

    Without ukrainian?

    Are you joking?

  47. Nazar says:

    Please, add Ukrainian translation.

  48. chi says:

    Ukrainian translation -thats all we need 🙂 Please add it!

  49. day says:

    Of course, we need Ukrainian version.

  50. illia says:

    Please, add Ukrainian translation.

  51. mio says:

    We want ukrainian language. PLS!

  52. Kolomyja says:

    Please, add Ukrainian translation.

  53. Please, add Ukrainian translation.

  54. Sandro says:

    Ukrainian, pls, pls, pls! I need Ukrainin!

  55. תזונה says:

    רעיון מציון אני צריך גודל שונה של 150 מקווה שבעתיד זה ינתן

  56. ANGELA says:


  57. ANGELA says:


  58. hossamhazem says:


  59. hossamhazem says:

    where is link download ?

  60. Bovtash says:

    Where is Ukrainian translate?

    PLZ Ukrainian

  61. Sahha says:

    Please add this excelent translator with Latvian language. Thanks in advance!!!

  62. I think that the translation tool perhaps could be more interesting if the Latin language (latin tongue) is included. Thanks.

  63. Don says:

    Do you have a Hindi translator?

  64. Philip says:

    Vietnamese, please!

    * 73 million native speakers worldwide

    * 80+ million fluent speakers worldwide

    * about 13th-17th most used language worldwide

    * English is standard second language being taught in Vietnam to native speakers, so a good translator function would advance that

    * Google translate for Vietnamese is poor at best, improved translator greatly needed

  65. baumann eric says:

    bonjour j’aimerais traduire du kmer en direct car j’ai une amie cambodgienne … sinon je me sers souvent de tbog anglais et espagnol surtout…. merci

  66. JoRn says:

    I saw tht Thai Language was added since Sept last year. But untill now 99% of what I try to get is just translate English to English eventhough I choose to translate to Thai. And this is only word by word translation not mention about translate the whole webpage. That's unreadable.

    I would love to see real progress and that would be a  lot appreciated.

  67. Helen says:

    I would second the request for support for Vietnamese.

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