Microsoft Translator Instant Answers Now On Bing

Use Bing to instantly translate queries from one language to another with our translation Instant Answer!  Starting today, when you are looking for a translation of a word or phrase, go to and kick off an instant translation, powered by Microsoft Translator.  Instant translation is another way that Bing helps you complete tasks faster by presenting better organized and more relevant content.

What to expect?

Example query: translate I love you

Bing returns:


Example query: translate I love you to Japanese

Bing returns:


Example query: how do you say apple juice in Spanish

Bing returns:




Lane Rau

Microsoft Translator

Comments (50)

  1. mambycamara says:


    I was wondering when it will happen!


  2. bob e says:

    Doesn’t work that well I am afraid but a nice addition to the Bing family.  Keep em coming and crush the goog

  3. However it fares in other respects, it may not be long before Bing becomes the favorite search engine

  4. This is really cool.I love the new look of Live(Bing)

  5. Search Blog says:

    One of the things we’re focused on with Bing is bringing the answer you’re looking for to the top of

  6. FremyCompany says:

    Not fully operational (Translate I’d like some tea to French, …) but it’s very great !

  7. is it fully operational? Very Nice Feature, can we have it on our website?

  8. David Miller says:

    Now this is what I was waiting for! I bet a lot of other people were waiting for Bing to come up with something like this, I really like it as I think Bing is the best search engine out there! Thanks for this great feature.

  9. Nikhil says:

    Gr8 work. But i m misin my native language Hindi.!

  10. Scrivi nella barra di ricrca Translate (o how do you say), metti la frase da tradurre poi aggiungi il linguaggio di destinazione: e voilà Bing traduce.

  11. Chris Wendt says:

    To Surplus Stock: Yes, you can have it on your web site. Check out the Web Widget section on You can have the widget that is on this blog, on your site as well.

  12. wpallen says:

    Awesome stuff!  Bing is going to give The Big G a run for its money!  About time!

  13. wigglesworth says:

    Does Microsoft translation use a rule-based methodology or one based on phrases like Google’s  translation feature?

    I prefer the latter; rule based systems seem to fail when there are exceptions to the rule.

    but I like bing enough that I will try it translation feature out.  

  14. wigglesworth says:

    One more thing, is there a limit to how long translation queries can be?

    I tried the following:

    translate he already had his blood pressure taken to Spanish

    But I got just a link to Microsoft Translator, instead of a translation.

    And, should I try this with quotes?

    translate "he already had his blood pressure taken" to Spanish

    Lastly, what if I type a query using the words "to [language]" but want to translate that?


    translate "The books were translated to French" to Chinese

  15. I’ve just experimented with Bing to instantly translate queries to Chinese. And I’m happy with the results. I hope Microsoft Translator will soon become the dominating reference point for web-based translations.

  16. SthrnDixieCwgrl says:

    I have not had issues in the past, but today I had an issue with the site.  Symantec gave the following message:

    Site is Unsafe

    What needs to be done to fix this.

  17. William says:

    I can’t get it to work for some reason…

  18. computerproducts says:

    I knew this beautiful feature will be implemented on the new decision search engine, Bing.

  19. openTMS says:

    Tried to call Microsoft Translator from Java… based on the C++ example

    does not work; just comes back with

    Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL:

  20. openTMS says:

    Tried to call Microsoft Translator from Java… based on the C++ example

    does not work; just comes back with

    Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL:

  21. openTMS says:

    Just tried to connect to Microsoft Translator using Java based on the C++ example. Server just answers:

    Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL:


  22. Para que puedan traducir mi pàgina fàcilmente

  23. Merging Bing comfortably with instant translation has been the main reason why I stay glued to Bing. Now I don’t have to go to another site to do that. A great time saver!

  24. james reber says:

    I had no Idea what language that was

  25. Mike McElroy says:

    I can have a conversation with TBot just fine.  It translates great.  The problem comes when I try to talk with a real friend.  How do I bring my friend into the conversation?

  26. Rambabu says:

    please tell me is there any xml for translatable languages list.I have to create xml for nearly 700 languages.

  27. Bing is a very nice search engine with new features.

    Thanks MSN.

  28. Razmy says:

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  29. Valera says:

    How to forbid Web Site translation BING?


    <meta name="google" value="notranslate">

    How in bing….

  30. tomtom says:

    Bing Translate is good, but not as good as that by Google. In order to make Bing Translate better, perhaps Bing should carefully examine how Google does it (much larger database, a statistical approach versus just a rule-based approach, a feedback system) and do the same or — better yet — do better.

    I would like to see Bing Translate be better than Google’s. You guys can do it, only if you really want to. Do you really want to?

    See these recent NY Times articles from March 2010.

  31.                       نــ~ـ~ـِْـو نـًَُـَـ‘ـ~ـِـْـ~ــه                :

    *سلام عليكم


    *                      Ù†Ù€Ù€~Ù€~ـِْـو نـًَُـَـ‘ـ~ـِـْـ~ــه                :

    If you speak Arabic, type 1

    Ако говорите български, въведете 2

    Pokud mluvíte česky, zadejte příkaz 3.

    Hvis du taler dansk, skal du skrive 4

    Wenn Sie Deutsch sprechen, geben Sie 5 ein.

    Εάν μιλάτε Ελληνικά, πληκτρολογήστε 6

    If you speak English, type 7

    Si hablas español, escribe 8

    Jos puhut suomea, kirjoita 9

    Si vous parlez français, tapez 10

    אם אתה דובר עברית, הקלד 11

    अगर आप अंग्रेज़ी बोलते हैं, तो 12 लिखें

    Se parli italiano, digita 13

    日本語を使用する場合は、14 と入力してください。

    한국어를 사용하는 경우 15을(를) 입력하세요.

    Als je Nederlandse spreekt, typ dan 16

    Jeśli znasz polsku, wpisz 17

    Se você fala português, digite 18

    Если вы говорите на Русском языке, введите 19

    Skriv 20 om du talar svenska

    หากคุณใช้ภาษาไทย ให้พิมพ์ 21

    İngilizce konuşuyorsanız 22 yazın

    如果您使用简体中文,请键入 23


  32. optimizacija spletnih strani says:

    I tried translating how do you say apple … but it didn’t translate it. Is translator only working only for mayor languages? I hope it would be able to translate smaller languages also, anyway nice addition to the Bing.

  33. Translator translates between the following languages:



    Chinese Simplified

    Chinese Traditional









    Haitian Creole



















    Example in a Bing query:

    translate optimizing web pages to Slovenian

  34. izdelava spletnih strani says:

    Hm, i must be doing it wrong, cos if i put this ‘translate optimizing web pages to Slovenian’ in a Bing query it doesn’t translate it. It just gives me search results. Maybe i should be signed up?

    Anyway i tried it directly in the Microsoft Translator and it’s working fine.

    PS: nice choise of words to translate 🙂

  35. Greg says:

    Will there be any updates to this? In otherwords, will there be other languages added? My wife speaks Taglog

  36. Hello Greg,

    yes, Microsoft Translator is constantly growing the language list. You will read on this blog when Tagalog becomes available.

    Chris Wendt

    Microsoft Translator

  37. do u have tools with verbs on to pull down to use in a sentence when i get stuck with my homework??? says:

    do you have a service with tools to bring down verbs that i should use in sentences when doing my homework

  38. Bing Translator is great to help with language learning. Type or select the sentence and hit translate. It works for verbs as well as every other part of speech. Note though it is an automatic translation and can contain mistakes.

    Chris Wendt

    Microsoft Translator

  39. lidon says:

    realmente es un traductor instantaneo?

  40. Mark Lee says:

    Hi,I like to use the Bing translator very much, for it is very convenient when I was reading website pages. And the translated results usually meet my inquiry. However, I consider that it will be better to add the pronunciation of english words. God, you wouldn't know how helpful it was!

    We will see it!

    Best regards,


    Mark Lee (the day after The Valentines' Day in 2011 )

  41. Salina Lee says:

    i find  it's very  convenient,i 'd like.

  42. razen says:

    Can I send my English to Chinese to my girlfriend in China via email?

  43. Hi Razen,

    Yes, we have English<->Chinese language pairs.  If you're going to use our landing page (, you can copy and paste the translation(s) of your message(s) into your email.  If you are using Outlook, click Review tab.  You will see the Translate button.  There you can translate your texts inside Outlook.  Hope that this is helpful.  Let us know if any questions.  Thanks for using Microsoft Translator.  Takako, Microsoft Translator

  44. skype says:

    come fare usare sckype e tradurre ?

  45. adrian says:

    leer lo que escribio en INGLES

  46. ABEL MEDINA says:




  47. Respuesta instantánea es que Bing. Para la traducción de páginas web, consulte:  Lo siento si malinterpreten su pregunta.


  48. amany karsli says:

    اريد ان اعرف كيفة استعمال الترجمه على الفيس بوك

  49. عزيزتي أماني

    شكرًا على سؤالك!

    مترجم بِنْج يعمل عندما يوجد تعليق أو ماشابه بلغة غير اللغة التي تستخدمين بها فيسبوك.

    فإذا كنتِ تستخدمين فيسبوك باللغة العربية فستجدين رابط ’ترجم ‘عند أي تعليق بلغة غير العربية. عند الضغط على هذا الرابط سيُترجم التعليق للغة العربية!

    آمل ان أكون قد أجبت سؤالك. لمعلوماتٍ أكثر،

    زوري هذه الصفحة على مدونة مترجم مايكروسوفت…/top-sites-going-global-with-translator-api.aspx

    أو اقرئي هذه المقالة على فيسبوك.

    لا تترددي في مراسلتنا إذا كانت لديكِ استفسارات أخرى!

    إيمان هشام

    مديرة برامج

    فريق مترجم مايكروسوفت

    Eman Hisham

    Program Manager

    Microsoft Translator Team

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