Silk Road Power Trio: New API features, Microsoft Translator, PowerToys CodePlex Launch

Our friends over in Live Search featured Microsoft Translator in their MIX09 blog post - check it out!


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  1. Andrew says:


    just use translate service from ie8

    i can’t change the setting language from to

    can I ?

    how ???

    i’m on japanese web site, want to translate a lot

    but everytime i want to translate, i have to set the setting 🙁

    too bad !

  2. Andrew,

    This is a known bug in the IE8 Accelerator Pane for certain computer configurations.  We are working on the fix and it should be resolved in the next few weeks.


    Lane Rau

    Microsoft Translator team

  3. Chris Wendt says:

    Hello Andrew,

    the problem with the languages being stuck at a certain language pair is fixed now. Can you please try it again and let us know?

    Chris Wendt

    Microsoft Translator team

  4. The MIX09 blog post about Microsoft Translator web page widget and Microsoft Translator AJAX API was an interesting read. I’m a web developer and own a directory. And I think this tool will be very useful on my sites. More languages are needed.

  5. computerproducts says:

    For now I only use Microsoft Translator.

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