Announcements and Sessions at MIX09(Updated)

The Microsoft Translator team is sponsoring MIX 09 this year and we will be showing off the new web page translation widget and the translator APIs. If you are attending MIX, come to our session!

All attendees go widget invite codes in the bags. At this session you will see how you can make use of them.

MIX09-B05M Exposing Web Content to a Global Audience Using Machine Translation. San Polo 3401 | Thursday March 19 |1:25 PM-1:45 PM

We will also be at the Live Search session.

MIX09-T33F Customized Live Search for Web and Client Applications. Delfino 4001| Thursday March 19 |1:00 PM-2:15 PM |

We will also be giving out the exclusive API invite codes at these sessions – so make sure to be there!

Keep an eye on this blog for further news and tidbits from MIX.

- Vikram Dendi
Business Strategy & Front End Program Management
Microsoft Translator

Comments (5)

  1. Il barbaro says:

    g1anluca di Premere il tasto ANY segnala un video del 2006 della serie Tech Talks at Google in cui Björn Austraat espone alcune semplici ed essenziali regole di internazionalizzazione. Per quanto banali possano apparire, queste regole sono regola

  2. cynthia galindo says:

    i have all ready paid my 200.00 and still had 198.00befor i closed it because i was in i.c.u so do i half to pay that again seen i have a new card ?and how much do i have left on it know

  3. It was unfortunate I missed the session. However I’ve got the web page translation widget.

  4. computerproducts says:

    I wasn’t able to go. But won’t miss another session.

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