Polish now available on MicrosoftTranslator.com

We are happy to announce the release of our English <-> Polish translation engine!  Some of you have been asking us about Polish translation, and we’re excited to deliver for you!  We’ve also made some quality improvements to our Spanish, French, German, and Italian engines – if you’ve tried these languages out in the past, give them another try and let us know what you think. 

One more thing I wanted to mention - we try out various features from time to time, as part of our commitment to offer new ways for our users to take advantage of translation.  You might notice that the link to get a professional translation has been taken down as part of our current release. We launched this service back in June 2008.  This experimental feature has run its course (for now) and we are evaluating the experience to see how we could make it better. Stay tuned to this blog for updates, and of course your feedback is always appreciated!

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  1. zbychuk says:

    I am sorry, but quality is pathetic. Even translating word by word from dictionary produces more readable results. I am a native Pole with rather fluent English, but I cannot understand most of the translations (in either direction)

  2. Alichar says:

    Why Turkish to English translation is not available?

  3. Kwpolska says:

    I can translate TBots interface. Ask me for FREE translate by emailing: kwpolska@gmail.com

  4. Eric Renken says:

    Do you have a web service that web or application developers can use?  I have no problem displaying that translation is provided by Microsoft Live, or what ever you need, but this would be a great addition to our application.

  5. Thanks for all the feedback!  

    While we don’t have a specific schedule to share, we are constantly working to add new languages to the service, as well as improve the existing languages.  Turkish is on the radar for future releases.  

    We are looking into ways of providing programmatic access and collecting feedback and suggestions about the needs of developers and partners. If you have specific ideas about what you would like to see in an API feel free to email us with your thoughts at mtcont (at) microsoft (dot) com.



    MSR-MT Team

  6. Alichar says:

    It is a pity that Microsoft Translator does not offer Turkish translation. There is a big demand in this sector.It is difficut to understand that Microsoft still ignores Turkish.

  7. Thomas Westcott says:

    Now I can write and send letters to relatives in Poland!

    For a machine translation, this is a pretty good start.  I can understand the general meaning of the translation.  That means that "they" will be able to understand some of what I might be discussing in a letter.  Of course I would include the original English text for a human translator to use if needed.  If I can communicate even 50% of a message via a machine translation, then that is a whole lot better than zero.

    MSR-MT Team: keep up the good work.  Maybe your efforts can help bring the world a little bit closer together.

  8. Microsoft Translator adds more and more European languages, which is good. But you have to understand that many African languages like Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo are spoken by millions of people in a couple of African countries. And such languages deserve representation in this service. Empower African children to learn in their own native languages.

  9. computerproducts says:

    I’ve always expected polish to be available in any online translator

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