Have you seen the Bilingual Viewer?

Our web page translation includes a user interface we refer to as the Bilingual Viewer. It offers 4 types of bilingual views which users can choose depending on preference. The side-by-side and top/bottom views offer synchronized scrolling, highlighting, and navigation. In the two single language views, you can hover your mouse pointer over a sentence in one language and the corresponding passage in the other language is automatically displayed nearby for ease of reference. Finally, we render the translated text progressively on a web page in order to make it more quickly available for the user to read, while other page elements are still being translated in the background.

To change your view, just click on one of the four options in the “Views” section on the upper right part of the site:


Side-by-side view:


Top/Bottom view:


Original with hover translation view:


Translation with hover original view:


Note: when you click on “Translate this page” while using Live Search, the web page will be opened in the Bilingual Viewer (in side-by-side view or the view you selected during your last viewing session).  Read more about that here

Check out the bilingual viewer today if you haven’t played around with it before!  And as always, let us know your feedback 🙂

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  1. it seems that you have https adresses for you images, and they do not display

  2. Andrea Jessee is the Senior Program Manager on the Microsoft Translator team in charge of the user experience.

  3. The Microsoft Translator team is very proud to announce the technology preview of an innovative offering

  4. This is a repost from the Microsoft Research Machine Translation (MSR-MT) Team Blog by permission, and

  5. Yizhe says:

    The translator team recently announced on MIX that they are starting a CTP for a web widget that does

  6. The translator team recently announced on MIX that they are starting a CTP for a web widget that does

  7. me gustaria obtener mas informacion para traducir paginas completas del ingles al español y viceversa.

    tambien me gustaria traducir paginas de aleman al español.


  8. The more I read about this fascinating tool, the more I come to love it.

  9. computerproducts says:

    The bilingual viewer is great! Nice interface.

  10. Cailleret says:

    Bonjour je désire trouver l’âme soeur, je ne suis pas pressée! je sais qu’il existe et peut être que nous avons déjà eu des commentaires, mais pour l’instant je veux vivre le présent!  

  11. Cailleret says:

    Je suis à la recherche de l’âme soeur! l’ai-je rencontré? J’aimerais pouvoir êttre mon profil hélas je suis trop connue (en bien) sur Biarritz et préfère garder un peu d’intimité! Merci pour la personne qui l’ira mon message cordialement Leymergie!

  12. probe otros traductores pero me rsultaron mas difìciles de usar, menos pràcticos, y cuando encontrè este traductor me gustò mucho porque sòlo hablo español (castellano puesto que soy Argentina) y entiendo mucho el italiano, incluso lo hablo pero por sobre todo lo entiendo mucho, pero mi gran problema es el inglès. No me gustò nunca y me resisto a entenderlo por lo cual algo lo registro pero suelo hacer y cometer errores en algunas pàginas por desconocer totalmente el significado de la pàgina en inglès.

    Èsas son las razones por las que necesito un traductor y tenerlo como ìcono en lugar visible todo el tiempo para usarlo en el momento que lo necesito sin necesidad de buscarlo entre miles de pàginas.

    Espero poder segur amiga de èste traductor.


    Alejandra. (ENTRE RIOS: Argentina)

  13. Margot says:

    Me gustaria tener siempre a mano esta herramienta tan valiosa, pues solo conozco el idioma español

  14. jose says:

    no ablo nada de ingles poreso nesesito traductor de espanol

  15. maria beatrice corato says:

    Hey Microsoft!!!! Please, give me a your BANNER to spread Your Translator in my blog. Thanks Microsoft, please listen my prayer because it's impossible publishing Your websites without the banners. They're my Magic Tools of Knowledge & Sharing of Knowledge. And I WANT SPREAD ALL YOU in my blogs! Thanks Bing-Microsoft, Good Work & Good Health to all You:)

  16. Hi Maria,

    Check this site.  


    Hope that this is helpful.  Thanks.

  17. leona says:


  18. ありがとう!ドンドン使ってください。Takako (Microsoft Translator Team)

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