Have you tried the Translator AddIn?

The Translator Add-in can be added to any web page and makes it really easy for visitors to quickly translate the page into any one of our supported languages. The translation is conveniently displayed side-by-side with the original page so that both original and translated languages are available to the reader. There are also other display options available to try out.

This is what visitors to your website will see:


There’s also a cool auto-detect feature that will pick up your visitor’s browser language and offer up the word “Translator” in their native language. 

Have you implemented this on your web sites?  What do you think?  How can we improve it? 

If you haven’t, try it out and let us know your feedback!

Comments (16)

  1. Hi, I tried your translator on my site it is nice but I would like to be able to :

    1- open the tanslation in same frame with just the selected language.

    2 – I just have english to french how to have just that instead of the list on the site.

    If that is not possible, at least the have the new window in the choosen language, right now it opens in english to german default and you have to choose french two times cause it goes back on german the first time you click.

    Please let me know if you have a solution : gjpigeon@hotmail.com

  2. Russel says:

    I like it, but would be nice to have more control of formatting.  On your test page, it appears to be a nice compact Arial 8pt, but when I put it on my page, it comes out bigger, and there is a funny fat border around the right-pointing arrow.  How can I get mine to look like yours?

  3. lbastos says:

    The Windows Live Translator feature is great and efficient. Why don’t you promote it more to users through the various Windows Live pages? Why don’t you promote it more to the webmasters and other developers through some API?

  4. @lbastos – thank you for the encouragement, we are glad you like it. We are certainly working hard to ensure more visibility for the translator offerings within the other live offerings. We are also working on multiple initiatives to address your question about developers and webmasters. Stay tuned to this blog and you will be among the first to know!

  5. @Russel, I believe this might be caused by CSS styling on your site that might be overriding the styling of the add-in. You could try and wrap the add-in in a div and apply custom CSS styling to your liking (including setting the border to zero). Let us know if it does not work.

  6. jack says:

    what a license do i need, if i add the translation function to a commercial website? is there any limitation for commercial use?

  7. @Jack, There is no limitation for using the Translator Add-in on a commerical website. You are welcome to use it for free.

  8. JO says:

    there is no englsh to russian can you fix this soon?

  9. JO says:

    there is no englsh to russian can you fix this soon?

  10. The Microsoft Translator team is very proud to announce the technology preview of an innovative offering

  11. This is a repost from the Microsoft Research Machine Translation (MSR-MT) Team Blog by permission, and

  12. Yizhe says:

    The translator team recently announced on MIX that they are starting a CTP for a web widget that does

  13. The translator team recently announced on MIX that they are starting a CTP for a web widget that does

  14. My directory has numerous regional subcategories and people are allowed to submit their sites in their chosen languages (within the regional section). I will try out this tool to know if it will serve my needs.

  15. computerproducts says:

    I have added the Microsoft Translator Add-in to my web pages, to help my visitors who come from other countries that don’t speak English.

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