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Doing some catch-up here, so some of you may have already seen some of these new features – let me know what you think of them!

English to Spanish general domain system deployed on live site

Our team is constantly working to improve our translation quality. As you know, some of our general domain systems are powered by third party systems, while we develop our own technology for these languages. This month we rolled out our own English to Spanish general domain system, which significantly beat our quality bar. Spanish is our highest traffic language, so we"re really excited about improving this system for our Spanish users.  Check it out!


Link to Encarta dictionary

Have a word that may have multiple translations in another language? Take the example of “boot” – this could mean a shoe, or a verb talking about starting up your computer. The Encarta dictionary allows you to look up a word and short phrase and offer you multiple translations. In addition to the different variations of “boot” in Spanish around the globe, it also offers an alphabetical list of similar words to help you pick out which version you meant.

Click on this link on our landing page:


Encarta page:


Star rating

Translation quality varies widely depending on the content being translated, and the training data we have used to train our engine. Help us improve the system by letting us know where we are doing well, and where we need improvement, by rating our translations. This will help us learn where we need to focus on improvements. This feature is located just below the translated text on the left.


Report offensive translations

Machine translation is an imperfect process – and it doesn’t always catch inadvertently offensive translations! Help us improve the system by reporting any offensive translations that you see. This feature is located on the right, just above the translated text:


After clicking:


Comments (9)

  1. Tobia says:

    it would be useful if you provided the link to the site. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! Being new to the blog I’m still getting familiar with the layout, etc.  I’ve added a link to the left hand side so that it’s always there.  

  3. Mes collègues de l’équipe de traduction automatique de Microsoft Research (MSR) annoncent aujourd’hui

  4. anony.muos says:

    Please support more Indic languages in machine translation. Demand for that is high.

  5. Joe says:

    How do i add two this windows live space.I can not get it two work four me.

  6. Paul Kong says:

    I am writing this letter to you regarding my discovery,it can make computer fully understand human language grammar,in other words it can digitizes all human language grammar.

    The significance of make computer fully understand human language grammar as human does is a big revolution in computer translation area, because the computer translation result will become more accurate that human.

    Since the inception of computers,we are just starting to use it to do human language translation and until now many people and enterprises such as Microsoft,Google,Yahoo and Sun etc. still try to do it, but the result are unsatisfactory.

    For the poor result of computer translation, the American Academy of Science established the Automatic Language Processing Advisory Committee in 1964. ALPAC specialized in researching the situation of computer translation. In November 1966, they published their search report — 《Language and Machine》. This report affirms that the computer cannot task of translation as human does. Because the computer could not understand the human languages grammar as human does.

    I have been researching in this area for more than 30 years, and have find out the new way to make computer understand human languages grammar as human does, because I discover the formula of sentence of all of the human languages, then we can digitizes the human language grammar and make computer to fully understand it. In this circumstances,we can make the computer coming to be the best translator in the world.

    If you are interest my new technology, please e-mail me on:

    Thanks for your time.

    Yours sincere

    Paul Kong

  7. 微软机器翻译研究组的各位好,我想提个建议,可以在翻译网页时也提供“与计算机内容相关”那个选项吗?谢谢,因为我觉得计算机相关内容翻译是你们的强项。如果能提供的话,就太棒了!

    Hi, the MSR-MT team, thanks for your proving computer-content-related translation,it’s terrific. But could you plz provide web page translation which is also related to computer content? If you do, that will be perfect, thanks.

  8. computerproducts says:

    Thanks for this feature that improves our translation quality.

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