Congratulations to the MSR-MT researchers!

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has published its 2008 Machine Translation Evaluation Results.  From their website:

The NIST 2008 Machine Translation Evaluation (MT-08) is part of an ongoing series of evaluations of human language translation technology. NIST conducts these evaluations in order to support machine translation (MT) research and help advance the state-of-the-art in machine translation technology. These evaluations provide an important contribution to the direction of research efforts and the calibration of technical capabilities. The evaluation was administered as outlined in the official MT-08 evaluation plan.

Check out our research team's results in Chinese to English - very impressive.  Congratulations, guys!  Very well-deserved. 

The MSR-MT team is looking to build on this exciting progress and bring this technology to you. Stay tuned!  


(*edit to correct link - thanks for pointing it out!)

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  1. tonyr says:

    wth the link about "2008 machine .." links to william sonoma site!

  2. 微软机器翻译研究组的各位好,我想提个建议,可以在英译汉网页翻译时也提供“与计算机内容相关”那个选项吗?谢谢,因为我觉得计算机相关内容翻译是你们的强项。如果能提供的话,就太棒了!

    Hi, the MSR-MT team, thanks for your proving computer-content-related translation,it’s terrific. But could you plz provide english2chinese translation of web page which is also related to computer content? If you do, that will be perfect, thanks.

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