IE8 Translation Activity

Our friends over in the Internet Explorer building recently released a developer preview version of IE8.


There are a lot of interesting features in IE8 developer beta 1, ranging from improved standards compatibility to improving security through elegant tweaks to the address bar. Web slices, improved Favorites bar and the developer toolbar are some other welcome additions to the feature set.

The Activities feature in IE8 is a great way for users to access various web services in a single click. We are very excited to deliver translations through the Translation activity for IE8. If you don't already have it available through the activities menu you can get it (along with other great activities) from here.


For a detailed review on the Translation activity, and to hear it in "non product manager speak", you can check out Helvecio's blog post here. You can download the developer preview IE8 from here. More information on newer releases and other features is available at the IE team blog.

We look forward to hearing about your experiences with the Translation activity for IE8.

Happy Translating!


Vikram works on Incubation Strategy for Microsoft Research Machine Translation team
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  1. Have you been following my friend Charlie Calvert over the years? He’s known Anders for a very long time,

  2. vasudev says:

    At present ‘Translate with Windows Live’ in IE8 not working.

    Is it due to any recent updates to WL Translator? I just came to know about it from the NG.

    Please update about it.

  3. anonymous says:

    Some time back Microsoft shipped an addon for Word 2002/2003 to use WorldLingo’s online translation service from within Word. I wish Microsoft would develop a similar addon for Word 2007 using Windows Live Translator.

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  6. Andrea Jessee is the Senior Program Manager on the Microsoft Translator team in charge of the user experience.

  7. computerproducts says:

    I’m already accustomed to IE8.

  8. We’re at our company use IE8 and it’s integration of translation feature make us never let go.

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