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Every now and then I look at visitor logs on the various personal and professional sites/blogs that I administer. It makes for a fascinating experience to see the many places worldwide that visitors come from. I have often wondered about non English speakers and how I could make my writing more accessible to them. While some professional and company web sites have translated versions available, in many user forums and communities across the web there have been requests for a translated version of the pages/posts. Today, on many sites, I have to copy the text on the site, paste it into a translator and look at the translation. It is cumbersome and not very seamless in an otherwise smooth navigation experience.

I am very pleased to say Windows Live Translator solved this problem with the latest feature addition that rolled out this week. Now on the Live Translator home page you will find a new link  "Add the web page Translator to your site". By clicking on this link you go to a page that offers snippets of code that can be added to individual web pages for which you wish to offer translations.

The code generator will create the appropriate widget depending on the source language of your site. Refer to the Live Translator introduction post where Andrea listed the language pairs that we currently support.

So here is what you do to have a link on your web page to translate it:

Step 1: Click on the Add the web page Translator to your site link

Step 2: Select the language your web page is written in (source language)


For example: Since all the articles on my blog are in English, I choose English as the source language

Step 3: The code that you need to copy and paste into your web page's HTML is generated in the box

For example: Since I chose English, the code that is generated looks like this

<script type="text/javascript" src=></script>

Step 4: Copy that code and paste it into the page that should offer translation.

For example: On my blog say I want the blog post I wrote about Live Translator to be translated, I go into the blog editor and paste it like so:


If the blog or web page uses templates, one could also paste the code into a template - thereby providing the Translate This Page widget on all pages

Step 5: Enjoy an expanded (and hopefully more appreciative) audience!

The end result on my blog looks like this in the case of a single post translation:

 Single Page Translate

The end result looks like this if I put it in the template (this allows for translation of every post):


For the more technically minded here is some more information on the parameters that the Live Translator accepts:

where lp is the language pair (such as en_fr for english to french) for source and target languages. a is the URL you want translated. 

The Windows Live focused community site ViaWindowsLive is making creative use of the Live Translator to make their site available in multiple languages (look on the left bottom of the page). I would love to check out how you might be utilize this new feature. Feel free to post a link to your site in the comments.


Edit: Updating the parameters link

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  1. vasudev says:

    Thanks! This was required. Before this was available I had implemented it in somewhat different way, now that this is available I had put this on my blog.

  2. Last week, the Translation team blog posted about an add-in for your website or blog that uses the Windows

  3. This is one of the coolest things I have seen pop out of Microsoft in a while – and there have been quite

  4. If you look on the right side of this website, from the main page, you can now translate this website from English to many different languages. It is a new ‘widget’ from Windows Live. The translation team announced it and posted about it here. There

  5. how do i access the translator? is there any software or sites for translating into hindi?? thanks alot

  6. Jim Morgan says:

    It would be great to be able to use this for *intranet* sites.  I have an internal SharePoint site, complete with lists and libraries with a diverse user base.  The "variants" option isn’t comprehensive enough (doesn’t apply to lists or items) and the live translator doesn’t seem to apply internally.  Can the source for this be made available for intranet sites?

  7. jogger says:

    Translate This:

    Vielen Dank für den Beitrag. Danach muss ich mich also nicht mehr so anstrengen mit meinem schlechten Englisch. Dafür gibt es ja jetzt den Translator.

    Schöner Beitrag


  8. Loretta: You can access it from the landing page here: Hindi is still a work in progress, we will post here when it is available at a quality level that is satisfactory

    Jogger: Vielen Dank für Ihre freundlichen Wörter! (I don’t know German – if you were wondering) 🙂

  9. I used the translator for my blog, it apparently works very well.

  10. Do you plan to support more languages?

  11. computerproducts says:

    My site has visitors from all over the world and this translation tool makes things easy.

  12. This translator is helping to bring back the lost folks to Microsoft. Cool!

  13. What other languages will this support?

  14. hola quisiera tener este traductor en mi computadora directo

  15. Raakesh T says:

    Hi Raakesh,

    Thanks for your support. Our team is always working on adding new languages. Please continue to monitor our blog, and if we have any new information regarding Indian languages including Tamil, we'll surely post it on our blog. Thanks.


    The Machine Translation Team

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