TechEd and MSDN Webcast Demos

Geez, I’m looking at this blog, and I’m realizing I’ve only posted once this year, and that post said I would post more often. What a lame-o!

Since my last post I have been busy. I’ve spoken at two TechEds — in the US in Orlando and in Europe in Barcelona. I totally recommend Barcelona for anyone who hasn’t been there, what a great city!

But I digress. I’ve been asked by several people to make available the demo code that I showed at the TechEds. I had a talk on VSTO Architecture at both, and had a “done from scratch” demo showing how to do some advanced things with VSTO. I also did this the other day on an MSDN WebCast, and didn’t have time to get through the whole demo (what a lame-o, again!) and said I would post it here. Just want everyone to know that I am cleaning it up for general consumption, and it should be posted here within the next day or so.

 My other demo at Barcelona was integration of VSTA into a WPF application. I could post that demo, too, but it would do you little good at the moment, because VSTA v2 has not yet been released. So, once we have a public release of VSTA (currently planned for early next year) I will post that demo too. I have plans to expand that demo as well — add fun features over time.

 If you are interested now, and can’t wait for VSTA, well we have an answer. We will be having a limited CTP (Customer Technical Preview) of VSTA v2 in the next week. In order to get access to the CTP you need to contact our VSTA partner Summit Software at If you do get the CTP from Summit and want early access to my VSTA WPF Demo, just contact me through the blog and I will get you an early copy. 

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  1. Geez, I'm looking at this blog, and I'm realizing I've only posted once this year, and that

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