Back Into the Light

And out of the dark...

I've been dark for a while now, time to come out and let you know what's been going on. I've been heads down writing code for VSTO v3 and VSTA v2 due to release -- hopefully, no promises -- later this year. The new version of VSTO is built upon the new version of VSTA which is built upon the new version of System.Addin. And the new version of System.AddIn is shipping in the .NET Framework 3.5 as promised.

 It has been a ton of work, but we are close to being done now. Those of you who attended TechEd last week got a preview of VSTO v3 in the keynote, and hopefully attended our sessions during the week.

I did a session on VSTO architecture where I gave an overview of the v3 architecture and how we've changed and evolved it from previous versions. I know I promised some of you who were there that I would post my demo sample here -- and I will. It occurred to me, though, that it is of no use to you until you get a more recent drop of Visual Studio that includes all of the bits we showed. As soon as one is available publically I will make sure the sample works with that drop and post it.

I also have some more, in depth, discussion around MAF, VSTA and VSTO planned, stay tuned.

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