Charles Simonyi to go to space!

Charles Simonyi, the inventor of hungarian notation, which is the primary variable naming convention used for C/C++ code inside of Microsoft, is going to space!


This Week in Tech: Windows Weekly

Paul Thurrott has begun po^H^H Blogcasting on the TwiT network at

Your feedback matters

Originally meant to be analogous to the non-mutable Mac bios chime. The startup sound is now Optional!    There was heated internal debate on this issue, but customer feedback made this happen. Your feedback matters! Keep giving feedback on the latest build!   edit: Added feedback link.

Is Bill Clinton commenting on how some AntiVirus companies are treating Vista?

Food for thought: “If you had a business strategy that worked all the time that was premised on scaring the living daylights out of people, you just keep doing it” -Bill Clinton (found on Digg here) (No, he’s not, but an interesting commentary on how fear is a selling tool)

This one goes out to all the Exchange Admins out there

If you want your users running Microsoft Windows Vista to be happy when they use Outlook Web Access (OWA) you should install this Hotfix   This also fixes the annoying “Click here to activate” prompting.   Users, if your Admin hasnt installed this, and you need to use OWA, choose the basic experience at signin…

.NET+WPF(Windows Presentation Foundation) Based New York Times Reader Virtual Newspaper

This is a pretty cool application that shows some of the power of .NET and the Windows Presentation Foundation, you can sign up to download it here. Read more here: and   Reaffirms my belief in Rich Web Connected Clients. I cant wait for Amazon to make the demo they showed off at PDC2003…


Another Handy Microsoft Windows Vista shortcut!

Enjoy the XP Powertoy “Open Command Prompt Here”? Now its part of the OS: Shift+ right click on a folder in Windows Vista and see “Open Command Prompt Here”!


MSN Soapbox goes live

MSN has released their community video site to beta testing! Now you can watch my kid be tormented by ducks. Probably more interesting than watching Scoble buy meat.