Linus:Specs! We don’t need any stinkin’ specs!

In the Linux™ communities continuing saga of "lets freak out our corporate users" Linus has sworn off specs as a needless shackle of "The Man". Who needs marketing when you have quotes like this?
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  1. tzagotta says:

    I don’t work for Microsoft, nor do I have any bias for or against Linux, but I’ll have to say that Linus’ comments sound pretty flippant and maybe even ignorant. I wouldn’t expect that of someone of his experience.

    Software specifications are how complex software systems get built, period. We know of no other alternatives.

  2. barrkel says:

    You’re in danger of letting yourself down by misrepresenting Linus. He’s talking about standards and standards conformance, specifically ones drawn up by international quangos who aren’t fully cognizant of implementation issues – not software specifications.

    The particular example he points to is OSI, the failed competitor to TCP.

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