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Peer Netwoking is looking to hire System Admins , Developers and testers! From webservices to kernel mode if you use computers we want you! send your resume to me either through the feedback link or my direct email alias!


Slashdot gets it wrong….Again. or Debunking grand conspiracy theories.

For some sick reason I can’t explain, I continue to read Slashdot even though I know that it is incredibly biased. Anyhow, yesterday they ran a story on yet another grand conspiracy titled “Stopping Linux Desktop Adoption Sabotage”. So, I took the bait and read the article and as expected its biased, makes lots of incorrect …


Don’t trust the tweak sites

I saw this on Ed Bott’s blog


ICANN: Should they spread the power around?

Christian Huitema thinks we should move to a p2p system for DNS replacement. Who is he you ask? Since I’ve known him, he has been a Architect at Microsoft and now is the Director for Wireless in Windows Networking. Before he came to Microsoft he was a member of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB) from 1991…


Looking for a few good geeks. We’re hiring!

Normally a post like this starts out with:   Do you enjoy innovating and solving technically challenging problems? blah blah blah   Lets just cut to the chase. My team is hiring! From lab management, to Testing, to Development we have lots of technical positions one of which you might be the right fit for….


PC Magazine has a preview of Hotmail Kahuna

PC Magazine has a preview of Hotmail Kahuna here. Having used it for a few weeks it’s a really nice application, very similar to Outlook Web Access.


On bald cats and small children.

How’s that for an attention grabbing title? One of the best things about working for Microsoft is the benefits. One of the best ones is the parental leave policy. Basically, as a father, when you have a child you get a month of paid leave to bond with them (and in my case the bald…


With security flaws, Everybody loses

While surfing the blogosphere, I cam across a link to this article on ZDnet talking about Microsoft’s reaction towards security flaws found in Firefox. The reaction: When there is a security flaw, everybody looses. Microsoft is in a weird position with lots of products, on one hand, they build on our platforms and therefore are a partner(Google,Firefox,Just…



What’s the most annoying api you’ve ever used?   Mine pretty much has to be the winsock NSP as it is probably the hardest api in Windows to use behind the relatively harmless looking   INT WSALookupServiceBegin(  LPWSAQUERYSET pQuerySet,  DWORD dwFlags,  LPHANDLE lphLookup);   lay 10 pointers of PAIN! (in the first level alone!)   typedef struct _WSAQuerySet {  DWORD dwSize;  LPTSTR lpszServiceInstanceName;  LPGUID lpServiceClassId;  LPWSAVERSION lpVersion;  LPTSTR lpszComment;  DWORD dwNameSpace;  LPGUID lpNSProviderId;  LPTSTR lpszContext;  DWORD dwNumberOfProtocols;  LPAFPROTOCOLS lpafpProtocols;  LPTSTR lpszQueryString;  DWORD dwNumberOfCsAddrs;  LPCSADDR_INFO lpcsaBuffer;  DWORD dwOutputFlags;  LPBLOB lpBlob;} WSAQUERYSET,    Needless to say its pretty…