Tripp gets a new toy.

So, I finally decided to get a new cell phone as my old one was beginning to show its age, so it was time to go shopping for a new one.
My requirements for a new phone were pretty precise
  1. Needed to support Exchange Active Sync
  2. Should run either Pocket PC or Smartphone OS
  3. Bluetooth support
  4. Faster than GPRS data support
That narrows down the choices significantly on the phone side, so the deciding factor becomes the provider.
I also had some specific requirements for the cellular provider
  1. Multi-line support
  2. Unlimited data
  3. Nationwide coverage
  4. free inter-network calling
After several hours of comparing available services and phones I finally selected the Samsung SCH-i730 for myself(I may talk about the phone I selected for my wife in another post) After a hour or so on the phone (ugh) I switched providers (yay for cellular number portability) and the phones were shipped to me.
Now, after about a week of having the phone my impressions of it are mostly positive.
  1. The 3rd party software is fairly impressive (the Picsel Browser, the remote control software, the Mits selection software)
  2. Windows Mobile Pocket PC software!
  3. Fast processor
  4. Lots of memory
  5. Built in storage
  6. Keyboard is good for typing email
  7. W-ifi support
  1. Battery life, don’t leave bluetooth on
  2. Hard to type numbers on keyboard
  3. Not Windows Mobile 2005
  4. QVGA screen instead of the new VGA ones
  5. Docking station is difficult to use
Overall, I love the phone and for a multipurpose device, it can't be beat. It also gets lots of looks at work which doesn’t hurt;)

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