Java only is bad mmmkay?

Joel of Joel on software says that teaching only Java is bad for computer science and I agree. A more rounded education is needed, starting with assembly, moving to  c/c++  and then to a “managed” language such as C# or Java. Building the knowledge of the computer in layers can really help when you run into problems and need…

The wonders of technology

So, I’m currently sitting in a hotel room, surfing the web at near DSL speeds over Bluetooth using my cell phone as a modem, isnt technology grand? When I first started at Microsoft, I origionally worked on Bluetooth. While it isnt the all encompasing technology that it claimed to be, it does work well for…


American Chopper: OrangeCounty Choppers + Small Business Server

I watch American Chopper so I find this interesting. Orange County Choppers Now Ride on Microsoft Watch the video where OCC talks about their switch from a “little black book” to Small Business Server and SQL Server 2005.

Windows Messenger Live beta

In perhaps the corniest blog ever, the new features of Windows Live messenger are detailed. See all the action here

Richard Pryor dies:(

Richard Pryor was one of my favorite comedians. He died today:( I listen to XM Comedy at work and hear him almost daily.

Ad driven business models?

I must be the customer that web companies hate. I’ve never “Punched the Monkey”, Refinanced Now, bought an X10 video camera or pretty much clicked on any web advertisement. I’ve also never bought anything from someone calling me (or donated either). No advertiser has ever made anything off of me viewing one of their ads…

Bill Gates on Three Wishes last night

Bill Gates was on the NBC show Three Wishes last night giving a 10 year old his wish of being a CEO for a day. Too bad Bill Gates hasn’t been the CEO since 1998 😉 I found it was funny when they went suit shopping so they could “look the part”, which when they…

Sysinternals vs Sony

Interesting story over on Sysinternals. Sysinternals is a valuable provider of Windows utilities. Their knowledge of the Windows internal operations quite impressive. I’m fairly confident that Sony’s methods wont work on x64 (currently they don’t have a 64 bit driver anyhow (yay) ) due to this Kernel patch protection for x64-based operating systems

Send in your resume!

Peer Netwoking is looking to hire System Admins , Developers and testers! From webservices to kernel mode if you use computers we want you! send your resume to me either through the feedback link or my direct email alias!