Awesome new version of WebGuide for Vista Media Center

I've been using WebGuide with Media Center since the initial version, and Doug Berrett has always done a terrific job with it.  But with the newest version, WebGuide 4, he's completely outdone himself.  It's brilliant.  Works great with Vista, has a terrific interface, and it supports on-the-fly transcoding and streaming of recorded and live TV, so I can watch shows from anywhere.  He even has a mobile interface that makes it a piece of cake to schedule and watch recordings from a Smartphone.  Definitely worth checking out.

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  1. UK User says:

    Yes, its a great and cheap product. Downside is that MS wont put these features into Windows if there is a 3rd party addon because of fear of competition rules in EU 🙁

    Also, if you wish to view Live TV or Recorded TV as a stream and you are in the UK, you are out of luck as the Vista MPEG decoder will only allow Webguide to use NTSC.

    In the UK you’d have to buy Cyberlink PowerDVD 7 (which is complete bloatware just for a codec and not great keeping sound/picture sync!) to use the features.

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    Thanks! I’ve been using Orb. I’ll have to check this out! Do you have a comparision of the two products by any chance?

  3. I unfortunately don’t have a comparison of the two, but I think this is worth checking out.  I can’t comment on how well it works in the UK, but I’ve had great success in the states.  Doug is currently hard at work at making this better, too, so I’d expect to see more features and bug fixes coming down the pipe soon.

  4. This is a pretty awesome program, but how do they get access to the guide data? I thought that wasn’t available to third party developers?

  5. It’s not part of the public and documented SDK, but if you don’t mind taking a dependency on undocumented and "internal" APIs, they do exist.  Before doing something like this, make sure you read the EULA.  This isn’t exactly the same topic, but see,guid,c9b29620-da39-4ed2-aed5-da4eb22542a2.aspx for more info.

  6. Not sure if you realized this Stephen . . . but Microsoft owns this software.

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