Error 2869 when installing preview handlers MSI

If you're getting an error with error code 2869 when installing the sample preview handlers associated with my preview handler article from the January 2007 issue of MSDN Magazine, make sure you're following the directions in the README file.  Open a new console window with "Run as administrator".  From the console window, change to the directory containing the MSI, and execute the Install.bat file in the same directory.  That .bat file will in turn launch msiexec with the MSI for the preview handlers, and everything should install just fine.  See for more information; in short, though, this is due to interactions with User Account Control (UAC).

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  1. Craig F says:

    Error 2869 is typically caused by a managed custom action in the MSI install package.  To really get around this you need to fix the MSI package and not just run the install from a command prompt being run as an Administrator.  Download and install the ORCA editor.  Open the MSI package using ORCA and navigate to the CustomAction tab.  You should see a list of actions and associated values.  One of the install actions should have a value of 1025.  This is the install action.  Change the value to 3137 and save the file.  Now your CustomAction should impersonate the privileges that the rest of the installer is running as.  Close ORCA and try to run it.

  2. Basti says:

    Hey Craig F,

    thanks a lot! That worked for me 🙂

  3. Matej says:

    Unfortunately, It didn’t work for me.

    It went a step further though, but the same error (2869) poped up again. Although, after dismissing the message, the new one appeared saying like: Instalation completed successuly, the application dosn’t work!

    The above described solution with Orca fixed one part of the issue in my case, does anybody know how to deal with the other one?

    Thank you!

  4. Anthony says:

    Editing via Orca worked for me.  

    Note : after installing the SDK, I had to go into the bin directory and run the orca.msi to install it first.  

    I changed the following items in the 'Actions' table of the 'CustomAction' table in the tree:

    1. Action : _AB820976_0EA4_4E19_BEDE_1DC36EE983CC.uninstall

    Type : 3137

    2. _C48321CF_535F_4B4A_9285_5820A8755CB3.uninstall

    Type : 3137

    3. _52271FF7_D1DD_4592_AD36_59CE93376C99.install

    Type : 3137

    4. _589FE841_B688_4D69_BA20_988A01C12EEC.install

    Type : 3137

    Don't forget to Save. Exit Orca, Then the install.bat and PreviewHandlers setup.msi will run/install.

  5. Serch says:

    Very good that worked for me too

    Thanks Craig!!

  6. Peter says:

    Brilliant, perfect solution for my problem,

  7. Asela Suwandarathne says:

    I also triggered this error code 2869 during the installation MSI file. We based line this error code, is because of not compatible with the OS.

    If installaing MSI not compatible with the OS this error code occurs.

  8. Syed Asad says:

    Awesome, Worked like a charm

    Thanks Craig and Anthony

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