Update to Outlook Calendar Provider framework for Outlook 2007

I’ve received several emails from folks who have been successfully using my Outlook Calendar Provider and Outlook Contact Provider with Outlook 2003.  Unfortunately, they upgrade to Outlook 2007, and their solutions break.  This appears to be due to Outlook 2007 being more strict about the response it gets back from the Web service than was…

MSDN Magazine December 2006 issue now online

We’ve created an MSDN Magazine blog, and I’ve posted about the December 2006 issue, which just went live online last night, at http://blogs.msdn.com/msdnmagazine/archive/2006/11/16/1088873.aspx.  Enjoy the issue!

Slides and code from DevConnections talks

Several folks have asked me for my slides and code samples from both talks I gave at Visual Studio Connections last week.  You can find them here:http://www.devconnections.com/updates/LasVegasFall_06/VS_Connections/Toub_VGN305_VSConnections_Fall2006.ziphttp://www.devconnections.com/updates/LasVegasFall_06/VS_Connections/Toub_VMU302_VSConnections_Fall2006.zip