MSDN Magazine in 7 languages!

Starting with the November 2006 issue, MSDN Magazine is now available online in seven languages!  This includes English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese.  Want to read the November issue in Russian?  How about German?  Maybe in Spanish?

We're very excited to be able to bring this content to the global community.  There are still some portions of the MSDN Magazine site that aren't localized (navigation elements, back issues, and so forth), but we decided based on community feedback that it was most important to get all new issues to you in these languages as soon as possible.  As we move forward, not only will all new issues of the magazine be available translated into all of the languages mentioned, but hopefully we'll be able to provide additional languages and to localize more and more of the site.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions on this step forward, please feel free to get in touch.

As a shameless self promotion, here is my November '06 ".NET Matters" column in each of the seven languages we're currently providing:

Comments (10)

  1. Fellow Technical Lead Stephen Toub posted about the coolest thing earlier today in his MSDN Magazine

  2. moli says:

    Is this done by Machine Translation?

  3. Arik says:

    Great news, I read the article about STRIDE in the Spanish version, and the translation is very satisfactory. Good work. Bye.

  4. Moli, currently these are all human translations.

    Arik, excellent, glad you liked it!

  5. This is very cool. The most impressive part is the "simultaneous" aspect.

  6. Luis Abreu says:


    well, sorry to be the 1st one to say this, but the portuguese translation really sucks big time and i’ve just read the 1st setence from michael howard article. let me put it here:

    the original said this:

    "I have been lucky enough to work with thousands of good developers over the years who wanted to learn how to write more secure software".

    the pt translation said this:

    "Eu tive muita sorte em trabalhar com milhares de bons desenvolvedores durante muitos anos que queriam aprender a escrever mais software de segurança".

    this is completly wrong. the pt sentence doesn’t say that  he’s writting more secure software, it says that he wants to write more security software (which is completly wrong, wrong, wrong).

    as you might guess, after this sentence, i went straight back to the english version.

    just had to say it…

  7. Hi Luis-

    Thank you for the feedback!  I agree that there’s a significant distinction in this context between "secure" and "security", and we’ll get that sentence fixed, however I hope that one mistake won’t prevent you from taking advantage of the rest of the translations.  Did you find additional significant mistakes?  Please write to us at mmombud at with any corrections you think are appropriate, and we’ll work to rectify the problems as soon as possible.  We’re excited about being able to provide the translations, and that entails ensuring that they’re as accurate as possible.



  8. Luis Abreu says:

    Hello Stephen.

    i know that you’re working hard to improve msnd and that is great.

    i’ll read one of the articles tomorrow in portuguese br and i’ll give you feedback on it. thanks for improving.

  9. Luis Abreu says:

    the other post went too soon…

    as i was saying, thanks for improving the quality of the msdn mag with translations (lets just hope that that sentence was the only thing wrong there).

  10. Thanks, Luis. As I said, all feedback (positive and negative) is welcome, and we’ll work to address any issues or suggestions as soon as we can.  We’ve sent this specific piece back for a localization quality assurance pass, pointing out this issue in particular, and hopefully any other issues will also be cleared up.

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