With the June 2006 issue of MSDN Magazine online as of today, I now have 30 articles published on MSDN.  I figure that's a good time for a recap.  Here are the articles and the user-submitted ratings information for each (as of this morning).

Title Rating Raters
.NET Matters: Parameterized ThreadStart, EventWaitHandle, and More  9.0 1
Microsoft Sudoku: Optimizing UMPC Applications for Touch and Ink 8.7 268
Fun with DVR-MS 8.4 416
Bug Bash: Let The CLR Find Bugs For You With Managed Debugging Assistants  8.4 30
.NET Matters: ThreadPoolWait and HandleLeakTracker 8.4 28
.NET Matters: StringStream, Methods with Timeouts  8.3 46
.NET Matters: NamedGZipStream, Covariance and Contravariance  8.3 15
.NET Matters: Iterating NTFS Streams  8.3 10
An ASP.NET Framework for Human Interactive Proofs 8.2 258
.NET Matters: XML Comments, Late-bound COM, and More  8.2 26
.NET Remoting: Secure Your .NET Remoting Traffic by Writing an Asymmetric Encryption Channel Sink  8.1 62
.NET Matters: ICustomTypeDescriptor, Part 1  8.1 22
.NET Matters: ICustomTypeDescriptor, Part 2  8.1 17
Custom Calendar Providers for Outlook 2003 8.0 165
.NET Matters: Finalizers, Assembly Names, MethodInfo, and More  7.9 19
High Availability: Keep Your Code Running with the Reliability Features of the .NET Framework  7.7 115
Time Travel with Windows XP Media Center 7.7 92
.NET Matters: BigInteger, GetFiles, and More  7.7 52
.NET Matters: Const in C#, Exception Filters, IWin32Window, and More 7.6 68
.NET Matters: File Copy Progress, Custom Thread Pools  7.6 18
.NET Matters: ThreadPoolPriority, and MethodImplAttribute  7.5 13
.NET Matters: Debugger Visualizations, Garbage Collection  7.4 30
.NET Matters: Stream Decorator, Single-Instance Apps  7.1 28
.NET Matters: Sepia Tone, StringLogicalComparer, and More 7.1 16
C++: Write Faster Code with the Modern Language Features of Visual  7.0 512
Creating Karaoke, Windows Media Player Style 7.0 103
.NET Matters: How Microsoft Uses Reflection  6.9 35
.NET Matters: Asynchronous HttpWebRequests, Interface Implementation, and More  6.9 21
.NET Matters: Abortable Thread Pool 6.1 14
{ End Bracket }: Creating a Custom Metrics Tool  5.6 34
Average 7.7 84.5

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  2. Joe Duffy says:

    Wow, congrats. Looks like you enjoy writing… When does the first book come out? 😉

  3. Thanks!  Let me know when you’re planning your next one and maybe we can collaborate. 🙂

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