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I've had several people recently ask me if it would be possible for MSDN Magazine to expose RSS feeds for our content.  These folks want to know anytime a certain author publishes a new article, or anytime a new edition of their favorite column comes out, or anytime an article focusing on a specific topic is released.  In fact, we already have this!

For example, let's say you want an RSS feed for content written by Aaron Skonnard:

Or an RSS feed for the Wicked Code column:

Or an RSS feed for content focusing on ASP.NET:

In fact, if you go to our search page, simply by clicking on the button instead of the Search button, you can turn any search into an RSS feed.

We also expose all of our content through a single RSS feed:
though be warned that with 1200+ articles (and growing every month), this is a fairly large feed. 

You can also get a feed for the latest issue:

Cool, huh?

For more information, see our RSS starting page at


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