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I try to keep this blog about Microsoft, MSDN Magazine, and .NET (when I remember to post to it at all) , however every once in a while I have something personal to share.

John Keefe, my college roommate and best friend, decided to pursue acting professionally just over a year ago.  Since then he's been in a variety of shows and films, including an episode of The Practice (see my upcoming MSDN article on Media Center for a screenshot or two, courtesy of ABC; I'll post again here when it's live) and the upcoming movie Proof with Gwyneth Paltrow.  Most recently, he went to Romania to star in a couple of zombie movies, and while I very much dislike horror and zombie films, I'll be lining up to see them when they make it to the theater and/or DVD.  I mention this now as some trailers and stills for/from the movie were just posted to the movie's Web site, a bunch of which include John:

Way to go Keefer. You've now by far exceeded my five seconds of movie fame:


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  1. Juan Artero says:

    Hi, guys. This is Juan Artero from London, UK. And this is my short story.

    I am from Spain, but right now I am studying in the UK and living in a London lovely place: Tower Bridge. Last year I spent a few months working in New York City. Fortunately, I knew then my only american friend: Pete Keefe. He is great and John Keefe is a brother of him.

    A year ago, Pete and myself went to watch the On-Broadway musical "The boy from Oz". At the end of the performance, Pete told me that he has a brother who is becoming an outstanding actor. In fact, a little bit better than Hugh Jackman (the guy who was playing the leading role in the musical). It was great to imagine Pete´s brother in a Broadway stage, in a TV show, in a Hollywood movie, or singing in Madison Square Garden. You know, his name and his face in Times Square´s ads. It sounds like a dream.

    Now I know that John is doing really well and that he is reaching many professional goals. I am really happy for this. I think I know what I say, because I am devoted to teaching, research and consultancy in Media and Entertainment Management. That means that, even tough I am not a performer, I know lots of them. And believe me: it is extremely difficult to make a living in their profession.

    Thats why I want to wish all the best for John´s career as a performer. I would like to send this e-mail to himself, but I didn´t meet him. I know quite well Pete Keefe and his brother Joe and their parents, just a little bit. As far as they are all marvellous people, I am sure John is fantastic as well. And fantastic persons deserve a fantastic lifes.

    All the best for you, guys.

    Juan Artero

    Cass Business School

    City of London

  2. Tom Jones says:

    John Keefe (and also Steve Toub!) studied voice with me while at Harvard. To say that these guys "can sing" is a huge  understatement. I am really excited for you, John …. I am following your success and look forward to seeing more of you on the big screen. When I hear your name mentioned, all I can do is smile. I am so happy for you!  

    Nothing but the best to you … and to you, too, Steve!  


    Tom Jones, Baritone

    Boston, MA  

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