Mona Lisa Smiling at me

I had an exciting morning today...  I ordered a DVD.  Why is that noteworthy?  Because when I watch the DVD I'm going to be able to see myself.  Mona Lisa Smile is being released to DVD on March 9th, and I had the fortunate experience of being a part of it.  Four days on set culminating in less than 10 seconds of screen time, but I'm there none-the-less.  My almost 15 seconds of fame.

If you see it, keep a careful eye out for the “spring fling“ scene appx 2/3 of the way through the movie.  At the beginning of the scene there are a bunch of guys up on stage singing Istanbul Not Constantinople.  One of them is a developer at Microsoft 😉  You can also see me dancing and mingling in the background during the rest of the ballroom scene.  I even appeared on MTV when they showed a clip from the movie (the ability to record future shows based on keywords has to be one of the best features of Media Center... I don't normally watch MTV hoping to find random clips of movies I might be in... it's nice when they just appear for me in Recorded TV).

Who's that woman in the middle?  Oh, yeah, that's Julia Roberts.

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