.NET Passport PAG

A new PAG ("Prescriptive Architecture Guidance for .NET Passport Integration with
Existing Authentication Mechanisms") on which I worked was recently released. 
Even if you're not currently planning on implementing .NET Passport in your environments,
it's a good read and
I suggest you take a peek.  And if you are planning on implementing .NET Passport
(which I, of course, highly recommend :), it'll definitely be worth your time to read
the PAG as well as to peruse the sample code.

Summary: "This PAG is designed to be an independent, fully functioning,
and reusable solution. It focuses on the complex requirements of sites interested
in offering dual authentication and provides valuable cross-product technical guidance
for designing, building, deploying, and operating an integrated solution. Its documentation
and sample site can be used to help you define your project objectives and its sample
code and tools can be used to aid your development and testing."

Comments (5)

  1. Bessie says:

    Hello Steve!!
    I can’t wait to see you soon! Moving back to the States (to CT) in July. Wishing I were there now to come see Pirates…
    All the best,

  2. I’m currently in the middle of implementing this type of architecture in a project for MS UK. It uses Forms / Passport in an interchangable manner. Have to say that the application bit was easy, Passport is still a nasty little bugger to get working properly…Do you happen to know a public URL for the Passport Toggler tool – I have no idea if its’ publicly available but it makes developing with passport on XP systems a lot less painful…

  3. Aha…just noticed that this download includes it…good job!

  4. Kuklad says:

    Open this post and read what I think about that:,

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