Free ModernUI Charts for WPF, Windows Store Apps und Silverlight published

Some days ago I have published a free library with chart controls which can be used in client applications. The library can be used in WPF desktop applications, in Windows Store apps and in Silverlight applications.

Download the binaries, source code and some test applications:

Or directly try them in the Silverlight application:

Intention 1
I needed Modern UI Charts for my own application which should run on Desktop (WPF), Web (Silverlight) and Windows 8 devices and I didn't want to use 3 different third party charting components. That’s why I created the charts from scratch and used them in the tool “SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF)” ( which I have developed with Matthias Einig.

Intention 2
I think that XAML is the greatest way to "describe” the UI of an application via a markup language. I don’t want to miss things like data binding, styling of controls, data templates, animation of state changes, easy re-use of custom controls, design support with Blend and many more. I don’t hope that HTML5 and JavaScript are the only future for our UIs. That’s why I wanted to discover how the same XAML could be used “cross-plattform” in WPF, Silverlight and Windows 8. For the charts I wanted to use as much as possible of the same XAML code which is available on all these plattforms. So finally the code for the charts uses the lowest common XAML subset of all three worlds. Check out the sample application in this project and see how it works.


Dark Layout

Custom Color Palette e.g. with gradients, mono chrome


Comments (46)

  1. Sebastian says:

    Your work looks wonderful!

    Will there be a Windows Phone port, too? 🙂

  2. Thanks.

    WP8 is in the works for next release

  3. js says:


    And HTML? 🙂

  4. A HTML version is not planned. See paragraph "Intention 2" in this post 🙂

  5. Banjo Mofesola Paul says:

    Great work. cheers!

  6. I'd says:

    These look great, is there any intention to add additional chart types (like line and area)?

  7. Pepe says:

    Nice charts, great work! I'm testing them but I can't refresh a ClusteredColumnChart when I try to add new series in runtime. Does any existing way to do that?

    I'm trying with the next code:

    viewModel.Series.Add(new SeriesData()  {DisplayName = "Text", Items = An ObservableCollection<TestClass>() });

    Thank you!

  8. Ron Mittelman says:

    No multi-series line chart?  🙁

  9. Line and area chart is planned for final release

  10. Wizza says:

    Torsten, these charts look great. Unfortunately I need a line graph for a current project, any news on the final release?


  11. Wizza, I will publish a second BETA with line charts and several bug fixes within the next days.


  12. dotNet Guru says:

    Absolutely awesome work Torsten, just a naive question Is this royalty free?


  13. The charts can be used totally free. They are published under Microsoft Public License which grants you these rights.

  14. Joe says:

    Hello Torsten, try just using the gauge chart as a web silverlight object but still no success 🙁 any advice to make this possible? Thank you very much.

  15. Thomas says:

    Hi, can you run/use this with 4.0 framework or does this require 4.5?

  16. Jose says:

    Any progress with the line charts?

    Thank you

  17. amair says:

    If the name is same it is displaying only one name data in the graph

  18. Dipen says:

    Awesome work.. Thanks..

  19. S MD Amair says:

    I have been using modern ui chart controls.the following is the namespace "xmlns:chart="using:De.TorstenMandelkow.MetroChart" "

    <chart:PieChart Width="1063" x:Name="pie"





                           ChartSubTitle="Chart with fixed width and height"

                           ChartTitle="Minimal Pie Chart " RenderTransformOrigin="0.331,0.503"



                   <chart:ChartSeries DisplayMember="Name"

                                      ItemsSource="{Binding Path=Errors}"


                                      ValueMember="Amount" DisplayMemberPath="Name"



    the above is the xaml code of pie iam using observable collection to display the data into pie chart

    public class AViewModel


           public ObservableCollection<TestCase> Errors { get; private set; }

           public AViewModel()


               Errors = new ObservableCollection<TestCase>();

               using (var db = new SQLite.SQLiteConnection(App.DBPath))


                   var query = from i in db.Table<Sd_A>() select i;

                   foreach (var _A in query)


                       Sd_Sub_Category subobj = SubCategoryViewModel.getId(_A.SubCategoryId);

                       var A= new TestCase()


                           ID= _A.Id,

                           Name = subobj.Name,

                           Amounts = Convert.ToInt32(_A.Amount),







    iam calling this collection from my .cs file in this way

    this.DataContext = new AViewModel.aViewModel();

    from the above line the data is getting displayed in pie my collection Name is having same name with multiple times ie amair,amair,rahul,rani .iam getting only amair,rahul,rani in pie chart instead of amair,amair,rahul,rani. i want to display the complete the data from my collection even the name is repeating.please let me know where i need to change my code to solve the issue.

  20. Rahul Sharma says:

    Hello Torsten,

    Is there any possibility to Decrease Height and Width of RadialGaugeChart

  21. Ivan Peev says:

    Great controls – any plans to support a surface chart in WPF like this one…/triangulated-surface-chart.png ?

  22. Shanks says:

    Hi , When are you releasing the Line charts? Awesome Charts btw

  23. Robert Dede says:

    As owner of Gigasoft, I love the ridiculous "Great Controls" plug and bad link of Nevron's, but if researching or interested in WPF Charting, and want to see an impressive 7 meg demo seconds away, and it will have you wondering how all that got in 7 Meg, yes see  

  24. ivo milanov says:

    if you want to use pure xaml then least common denominator can do the job. but if you have to code, then you will see that Wpf, silverlight and win8 have nothing in common. what if you want to develop for mac?  xaml is dead outside of the MS domain – it will never run on android too. So looks like Html 5 is here to stay. if you need aomething equally powerful on C# check out Nevron Open Vision

  25. Tomas says:

    Hello. I like the charts you created. They look awesome. When LineChart will be released?

  26. Ashish Kumar Gupta.. says:

    Hello Sir

    Can we Use these Chart in windows phone 8 Application..

  27. Pablo Gallegos says:

    Excellent work … we'll see when calculating the candidate version? I'm tried a graph with three series of bars but different series ranges are not properly accommodated.

    Greetings …

  28. Vishy says:

    Hi Torsten Mandelkow,

    Is Line chart implemented in Modern UI chart controls list??

  29. Fritz says:

    It'a anything else but modern – look's like win3.1 with 16 colors.

  30. Alexander1111111 says:

    Hi, I'm also interested in line chart.

  31. mussammil says:

    Is this work on .net framework 4.0?

  32. santosh sahoo says:


    I am working on Windows 8 phone app development. While I was trying to install Modern UI chart from Nuget Package, I am getting the below error.

    "Could not install package 'ModernChart 1.0.0'. You are trying to install this package into a project that targets 'WindowsPhone,Version=v8.0', but the package does not contain any assembly references or content files that are compatible with that framework. For more information, contact the package author."

    However I have updated version of Nuget. I am scratching my head since last 2 days, but still no luck. Is there anything which I am missing.

  33. Martin says:

    Yeah… missing line charts too

  34. Blue says:

    @Torsten Mandelkow


    Firstly.I like Modern UI Chart very much. I think Line and Funnel are also necessary chart. I saw that WP8 is in the works for next release. It is great. I want to know what is time about it

    Now  cross platform is popular. Such as Xamarin . If WP8 can also support Xamarin.Forms.It will be best.

    Silverlight is over.So Maybe it is not need to be update.


    Best Regards.

  35. Blue says:

    Maybe you can support a Xamarin.Forms controls.It's great. Because only code once and run three mobile platform

  36. MB says:

    These charts look great, WPF has always suffered with poor charting / graphing out the box. If line charts and scatter charts get added I'd start porting applications to this in no time! Any change making it part of .NET5 or something? 🙂

  37. Saswati Sanyal says:

    Have you released this UI NuGet for Windows Phone 8?

  38. Dani says:

    Awesome work toresten…!!

    I just want to know is there any way to decrease the size of RegularGaugeChart? I am unable to that.

  39. Rakeurt says:

    Hello Torsten Mandelkow ,

    excellent post but my problem is I'm looking for how to insert a trend line in graph column but I do not know how.

    please help me?

  40. Rebeca says:

    Awsome resource these charts. Looks really nice 🙂

    Area charts would be included at some point in time?

  41. Zgursky Dmitry says:

    Hello mr. Torsten Mandelkow.

    you say "WP8 is in the works for next release"

    i have only one question – when you planning make next release?

  42. andy says:


    very good job with this chart library.

    Are you still working on it?

    If yes, when do you plan to release the line charts?


  43. jabs says:

    This looks great but it is fundamentally flawed without the inclusion of line charts. I guess the project is dead since the last author input was in 2013?

  44. Mike says:

    Hey Torsten, are there plans for a line chart?

  45. Arnas says:


    IF only line charts would be there… WPF part…

  46. Anton says:

    I was hoping to get better performance from a WPF Chart. There's a WPF Chart control that'll support millions of points. Do you have any plans to support something like this?

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