Slide Presentation: An Inside View of Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP2

I thought Jeff Mealiffe did a nice job on this Exchange Server presentation that he gave at TechEd: An Inside View of Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP2 was recently posted on Channel 9.

He covers the following:

  • OWA mini for mobile browsers
  • Hybrid Configuration Wizard - a lot of interest among customers in having a segment of their user population in the cloud. 
  • Address book Policies (ABPs) - enable you to achieve GAL segmentation. Goes into great detail about how these work.
  • Tips for deploying a multi-tenant solution
  • OWA cross-site silent redirection - Removing the need for users to have to log in twice. Discusses how to enable it.
  • Update Rollup 3
  • Recoverable items store 2.0 - Used by compliance and discovery. Storing versions of deleted content.

Update: 7/9/2012:

Last Friday I listened to another good TechEd presentation, from Scott Schnoll - Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP2 Tips & Tricks.

A few highlights:

"Top Ten tools"
  + Calendar checking tool (CalCheck)
  + Exchange Client Network Bandwidth Calculator - Predicts bandwidth needs for a specific set of clients.
  + Mailbox Server Role Requirements Calculator - Ensures appropriate sizing of the mailbox server role.
  + Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer (ExRCA)
  + Outlook Configuration Analyzer tool (OCAT) - Analyzes Outlook profiles.
  + Microsoft Exchange PST capture - Discovers and imports PST files into Exchange Server or Exchange Online.
  + Exchange Server Deployment Assistant (ExDeploy) - Generates custom instructions for moving your organization to Exchange 2010 or Office 365.
  + Active Directory topology mapper
"Random tips"
  + Outlook Anywhere - Newer network devices have shorter timeouts - can cause messages to be stuck in an outbox.
  + Split permissions and SCOM Management pack
  + Enable logging for RPC client-access throttling
  + Wiped device can access a mailbox
  + Exchange Active Sync and Windows Phone 7.x
  + Disable mailbox auto-mapping in Outlook
  + Sync Active Directory and the Information Store
  + Free script repository for Exchange 2010
  + Exchange server 2010 architecture report


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