Video that Shows how to Configure FOPE Connectors

In a previous post, Hosting a Subset of Your Mailboxes in the Cloud, with FOPE Protection, I talked about documentation that addresses a cross-premises mail flow scenario where you have FOPE protection for all mailboxes. To clarify, you host a portion of your mailboxes in the cloud and a portion with Exchange Online, and you…


FOPE 11.1 New Features

We recently released several new features in Forefront Online Protection for Exchange, our cloud service that you can use to protect your messaging environment. The following video will quickly bring you up to speed on the new features: New Features in FOPE 11.1. This video introduces the new connector features in FOPE, which allow you to…


Hosting a Subset of Your Mailboxes in the Cloud, with FOPE Protection

In my last post, I discussed a mail-flow scenario where you host some mailboxes on premises and some in the cloud (with Office 365/Exchange Online). In this post I want to point you to a couple resources if you are a Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) customer who is thinking about moving a subset of…


Cross-Premises Mail Flow – Moving Mailboxes to the Cloud

We’ve been working quite a bit on documentation that shows the various flavors of cloud hosting. It definitely isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. For example, some of our customers may want to to move all of their mailboxes to Exchange Online all at once, and others want to move more slowly to cloud-based mail hosting. We have some…


Forefront 101 – Various Forefront Products

A couple weeks ago I worked in the Microsoft booth at the RSA Security Conference in San Francisco. I was there answering various and sundry questions about Forefront products, and in particular, questions about Forefront Protection for Exchange. Quite a few times I was asked, “So what are all the Forefront products?”  On the following product pricing and licensing…


Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange – Importing a List of Safe Senders

Yesterday I got a question about whether it’s possible to import a whitelist, or safe senders list, into FPE. In the FPE docs there are instructions for Creating an allowed senders filter list. You can import items into the list. See Importing items into a filter list. Added 2/10/2011: This isn’t directly related, but there is a…


Microsoft Office 365 Beta and Forefront Online Protection for Exchange

This documentation, Overview of Complex FOPE Mail Flow Scenarios, can be helpful if you use FOPE and are planning to bring a subset of your mailboxes to the cloud, but you also keep mailboxes on premises. It addresses a handful of cross-premises scenarios that you may run into. I will throw in the caveat that…


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Forefront Protection Server Management Console Videos

We made a few videos that can help you quickly set up and configure the FPSMC: FPSMC How-to: Installation in a standalone server scenario FPSMC How-to: Installation on both a Primary and Backup Server FPSMC How-to: Configure Forefront Protection Server Management Console 2010 Enjoy…