Case Study: Using File Classification Infrastructure to Classify Data and Protect Information

Microsoft recently released a case study that describes how Microsoft IT used FCI and the Bulk Protection Tool to classify and protect sensitive data. 

The File Classification Infrastructure (FCI) provides mechanisms to not only classify HBI files on a fileserver, but in conjunction with File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) can provide insight into the distribution of HBI data and automated enforcement of document retention policies. With the addition of the AD RMS Bulk Protection Tool, the identification, monitoring, and protection of HBI data on file servers is fully automated on a per file basis...

The team established three objectives for the initial project:

  • Identify HBI content across the network

  • Restrict access to HBI files wherever possible to those that may have a
    business need to access it

  • Ensure that MSIT knows where HBI information is located

  • Remove any documents that have passed standard retention time limits
    thereby reducing the volume of HBI content that could move across the
    network or be used on workstations.


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