Forefront Protection Server Management Console (FPSMC) 2010

Last week my group released the Forefront Protection Server Management Console. The release was the culmination of a lot of work by the feature team (dev, test, program management), the documentation team, the localization team, and the marketing folks. The console is built to help enterprises manage instances of Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server and Forefront Protection…


The road to Microsoft Office 365

Mary-Jo Foley is writing a series of articles (see The road to Microsoft Office 365: The past, or The road to Office 365: The present) on how Microsoft Office 365 came to be: The idea of a suite of Microsoft-hosted applications isn’t something new that the Softies dreamed up in response to Google Docs. Microsoft…


How-To Videos for FOPE Partners

We recently released a couple videos, created by Micah LaNasa, that show Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) resellers how they can manage customers in the FOPE admin center. The first video, SPLA Partners, Manage Customers in the FOPE Administration Center, shows how you can log in and add a user to one of your existing customers. The…


Security Enhancements from Hotmail

Thought this article, Microsoft beefs up Hotmail password security, was worth sharing: Hotmail users have been able to answer a security question or have an e-mail sent to an alternate e-mail address when they need to get into their locked account, either because it was hijacked or because they forgot the password. Those systems can…


Hello Office 365

I’ve been reading up a little this morning on Microsoft’s new online productivity suite for businesses, called Office 365. It’s fair to think of it as the next generation of BPOS. Basically, it’s a mix of on-premises and cloud software. You get Office Pro Plus on your desktop, and Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Lync Online (for…


Getting to Know the Cloud

I recently listened to the following podcast and thought it could be helpful for our customers considering a move to the cloud.: TechNet Radio: Preserving Data Privacy and Confidentiality in the Cloud Javier Salido introduces cloud services a talks about how data governance complements IT security, how to find out if your cloud service conforms…


Security in the Cloud – Worse or Better than On Premises?

I always thought this question was simple, especially for a small organization, meaning that security in the cloud is better, if only because the IT guys and gals running the cloud service are likely to be better educated regarding security best practices, uptime, and performance (including the know how to set up data centers that can fail over…


Online Exchange Forums

I was doing some research on using Business Productivity Online Standard Suite (BPOS) and Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) together and some the the posts on the Exchange Online forum were helpful. You can search the forums for specific terms (I searched for FOPE) and sort answered questions by various criteria.


Avoid Becoming a Victim of Spam

I wrote this for my friends and family and I thought I’d share it here: Last week my wife got an email message that looked like it was from our bank. (The message had similar coloring and branding as our bank’s) It asked her to go to another website and update her account information. It was a scam to…


Spammers Make 57,000 Fake Web Sites a Week

Last week my wife got an email message from a website that looked like our bank’s website. It asked her to click a link and update her account information. She told me about it, I checked it out, and subsequently gave her a ten-minute lecture on the tricks that spammers use to get you to give…